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Hypnotic Affirmations

Affirmations are messages or phrases directed at the subconscious mind.

e.g. "I hate sweet sugary food"

Affirmations work better if they are short, precise and always positive. A negative suggestion such as

"you will not smoke", will only confuse the subconscious mind, and may have the opposite of the desired effect, as the mind in trance is not capable of understanding the meaning of "not". The mind works at it's best using images, and it would be almost impossible to visualize not doing something. The correct affirmation would be

"I hate smoking" or "I love to have clean, healthy lungs".

An affirmation may take the form of a repeated phrase, or even better with some visualization. An actor may perform a dress-rehearsal one day before the actual theater show.

The subconscious mind doesn't care if your actuation was real or just your own imagination, the result will be the same. So the same way goes for someone who is afraid of a driving test. When someone has visualized taking a test in a calm peaceful manner, then when it comes down to the real day of the test, one is more relaxed.

Someone who becomes shy and afraid while trying to date women, can overcome this problem in two ways, by going on as many dates as possible to gain experience, or to visualize going on a date. The sub. mind will gain experience from these fantasy dates just like we do while dreaming.

I have tried to include as many methods as possible into my hypnosis recordings, to reprogram the subconscious mind, to replace old unwanted thoughts with new fresh healthy messages.