Akashic Hall Knowledge

Self-hypnosis for secret information

These records have been referred to by different names including the universal mind, cosmic mind, the collective unconscious, and many believe that it is the basis of psychic perception. It is believed that events recorded at the Akashic hall can be read in certain states of consciousness.

Such states of consciousness can be induced by hypnosis, trance, shamanism, meditation and sleep, so not only mystics but ordinary people perceive the Akashic records. Yogis also believe that these records can be accessed in certain psychic states.

Edgar Cayce, the late mystic did his readings in a deep trance. His subconscious mind was in direct communication with all other subconscious minds, and was capable of reading the minds of others by gathering knowledge from the Akashic Hall. Carl Jung also claimed the concept of the collective unconscious. 



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