Duration: 6 hrs


1: Body Language
2: Breaking the Ice
3: Eye Seduction
4: Art of Speech
5: Visualization
6: Seduction Power
7: Authenticity
8: Sociability
9: Gestures
10: Image & style


11: Self Esteem
12: Confidence
13: Self worth
14: Telephone Talk
15: Self love
16: Self Control
17: Shyness
18: Charisma
19: Public Voice


20: Public Speaking
21: Public Gestures
22: Pre sex dating
23: Erection
24: Performance
25: Alpha Male
26: Deeper voice
27: Politeness
28: Rejection

Trance Inductions

1. Sahara Magic
2. Paradise Beach
3. River of Serenity
4. Lighthouse Spa
5. Garden of Peace
6. Space Voyage
7. Scary Tunnel
8. Bootcamp
9. Rainforest
10. Flying

Seduction Hypnosis 

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Self-hypnosis for Seduction Tips

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Seduce Girls, and Hypnotic Dating

How to pick up a girl

Great conversationalists are rarely at a loss for words because they do so many things and go so many places that they have lots to talk about or they prepare. Good conversationalists never leave home without something to say to the men & women they think they'll be seeing that day. If they're going to a party, they brush up on topics of interest to the men & women they know will be attending. Before returning to work they think about the activities their colleagues had planned for the weekend. They brush up on current events, like the weather and anything else that might be the small talk they need to get a conversation going or to keep it going. As you get in the habit of preparing things to say each day, the preparation phase will become so automatic, you won't even notice you're doing it anymore. At least not until you do what most of us do. You get lazy. And you'll know when it happens, too. You'll start running out of things to say and it will be harder to carry on conversations with others. But don't despair. Just get back with the program and prepare! Let men & women know that you're shy.


Flirting to Attract Women

Not so obvious shy men & women are often mistaken as arrogant or aloof and even by fellow shy men & women even when it's not really like that. We're terrified on the inside. It's just that we don't show it on the outside. Now granted, if you're a not so obvious shy and lack confidence person in the middle of a crucial business negotiation where power is everything, you may not want to admit to being shy. In fact, in this one case, your shyness may prove to be an asset. Why not keep them guessing? Or, if you're hanging around men & women who are known to be bullies or gossips, then men & women who are likely to misuse the information and you may want to keep your shyness to yourself. The good news is that most men & women aren't like that. Most men & women are relieved to hear that you're shy. You see, odds are that unless they have a reason to know better, most men & women will interpret your not so obvious shyness as a sign of arrogance or being stuck up, or simply as a sign that you don't like them.  

Whether you're an obvious shy person or a not so obvious shy person the goal of telling someone you're shy and lack confidence is not to enlist their sympathy, but to explain why you're acting the way you are. Your explanation will only take you so far. You have to do something about your shyness, as well. You have to show men & women you're making an effort to get over it. You're enlisting their patience and their support, not their pity, as you fumble through the process of learning what you need to know to feel more comfortable. They have every right to get tired of carrying more than their fair share of the weight of a relationship, if you're not trying to carry yours. However, I find most men & women are pretty generous as long as you make an effort to hold up part of the relationship. Many men & women even get a kick out of seeing you get stronger and watching you grow. Just remember, it's your responsibility to give something back to the relationship. Start small. Make more eye contact. Smile more often. Prepare topics of conversation. Be helpful in the ways you feel most comfortable and expand on the range of things your feel comfortable doing over time.

But if you are an obvious shy and lack confidence person, there's no need to hide your shyness. Let's face it. The word is already out. Trying to ignore your shyness only makes you and the men & women around you uncomfortable. Labeling your shyness makes things easier for men & women because they don't have to pretend they're not seeing what they're seeing. They don't have to avoid making eye contact with you, because they see you're uncomfortable.

They don't have to exclude you from the conversation, because they see that your hands are trembling. By telling men & women you're shy, you've told them that you want to be a part of what's going on and that it's OK if they notice you're a little uncomfortable. And that helps them feel more comfortable, too. The only thing we can control in our life is our self, and even that can be a stretch sometimes. We can't control other men & women and we certainly can't control how other men & women react to us and the things we do. Nevertheless, most of us define our successes and failures by the way other men & women relate to us.

Pick one social skill to practice at a time. What you can do is build a strong foundation of social skills one skill at a time. By picking one or maybe two skills to practice at a time, you can concentrate your energy and increase the likelihood you'll be successful. Shyness has a way of building on itself. Because we're shy, we don't do things. We don't go to the party, take the class or join the club. Our interests dwindle, or at least those interests that involve other men & women , until finally, when we do have an opportunity to interact with other men & women , our social skills are rusty and we have nothing to say.



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