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Emotional Intelligence Test

1. Do you compare yourself to others?



 2. If you are disappointed

Feel terrible and brood
Shrug it off


3. If someone is more successful than you

I'm happy for them
I feel jealous


4. If someone does something bad to you

Try to forget it
Think about how to get revenge


5. If someone blames you, even though you're innocent

I get a bit angry and lash out
Understand why they're mistaken


6. Do you trust your inner gut intuition when making a choice



7. In your life is your cup



8. After a hard day

Reassure myself that I have many positive qualities
Feel guilty and get angry with myself


9. If I get rejected on a date

Feel less of a person, and envy others
Understand that dating is difficult and we are rarely compatible


10. In a bad traffic jam

I listen to music or something to relax, remain patient
I get frustrated


11. If you get angry do you:

Pause, breathe deeply and try to relax


Score Results

0 - 20

Quite a bad score, meaning you could improve with some self help. Maybe boost your confidence and self esteem. See the special programs below.

20 - 39

According to your score, you need to improve. You are emotionally stable but some emotional aspects such as self value and self worth should be attended to. Try the programs below.

40- 69

You are in the average range. You seem to be quite emotionally stable and strong. You are proud and slightly confident, with a good amount of self esteem. Maybe you should look at life in a more positive way and become more optimistic.

70 - 100

Excellent score. Your pride and confidence is blooming. Full of self worth and qualities. You have a good score for emotional intelligence and most probably have many good friends, and a good social life. You would find it easy to pass an interview or to impress someone on a date. Your score reveals that you're influential, positive, extravert, proud, strong, caring, and generally a lovely person.