Transgender Hypnosis

This feminization program is one of the most advanced and complete in the world, taking every angle of the feminizing process to produce the amazing and lasting effects for transsexuals. This program is very different to any other self-hypnosis download because it has been designed to produce dramatic changes. The hours of hypnotic journeys are used to induce a deep trance, with exciting adventures, beautiful music, and Hollywood sound effects.




Hands, Lady Posture, Gestures, Facial Expressions

30 mins


Higher Voice, Tone, Conversation, Feminine Speech, Pitch

35 mins


Transform Past memories, Create new memories

31 mins


Seduce Men, Seduction, Dating

15 mins


Feminine walk

41 mins


Self esteem, Self-Love, Self-confidence

29 mins


Lady attitude, Feminine Desires

17 mins


Hormones, skin, breasts

35 mins


Sexual fantasy with Brad Pitt or other celebrity

32 mins


Beautiful Booty

23 mins

Free ebooks and albums included

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The first album Cd/Mp3 will program your subconscious mind to not only stand and walk like a feminine woman but to automatically copy the gestures, hand movements, facial expressions, posture, and female movements from other women and to reproduce these effects automatically. After using these self-hypnosis audios you'll be walking like a lady, even in your dreams.

The second album concentrates and changing the voice. We teach you various techniques that change the pitch and tone of your voice, and the correct manner of conversation so that the final result is very ladylike and feminine.

The third album of the collection has been dedicated for those transsexuals / transvestites who wish to find a date or even a soul mate. This program will increase your self confidence and self esteem, making you proud of yourself, to know exactly who you are, to know your goals, full of self love and self worth. You will gain a higher value yourself, making it easier to make friends and to break the ice.

The fourth album You'll learn how to give off subliminal messages to a potential partner. Your new expressions, eye movements and hand gestures will attract your perfect partner.

The fifth album is a surprise free gift for enhancing hormonal feminization.

The sixth album of this amazing pack is for changing the way we think about our present selves and our past. It's important to erase those haunting memories of a struggling teen faced with prejudices and insults, to change your past into pleasant memories full of joy and feminine happiness.

The seventh album is for feminine desires, to become motivated and feminine all day long, to think like a woman

The eighth album is for breasts, smoother skin, hormones, and pheromone smell

The ninth album is a sexual fantasy on the beach with Brad Pitt

The tenth album is for creating the perfect booty, pert, firm, and sexy


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all the Following Themes are included in this full pack:

for more themes such as crossdressing, coming out, sissy,
tips for transgenders, and help with voice, walk, posture, hormones see :
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