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Forced feminization and sissy training for sexual fantasy games. You'll soon be transformed into the sissy of your dreams walking in high heel shoes, with feminine pink pantyhose, and stockings and garters that embrace your smooth silky thighs. You'll become a feminine lady sissy with a higher tone of voice, soft and soothing, sexy and vital. Your inner girlie sissy is waiting to burst out and flourish with each expression and gesture, with every feminine smile, ready for your love.

Imagine that your subconscious mind has been programmed to give off messages in the form of micro-expressions, gestures, eye language, hands, posture, walk, expressing 100% true natural femininity. After listening to this trusted Mp3 program you'll be able to give off a true feminine image and appear as natural as any woman. You'll also be programmed to have a new self-image, full of self-esteem, you'll happy and confident.

You'll transmit and receive information in the form of subliminal messages which will reassure yourself of your femininity. This program will help you to truly believe in yourself.

80% of our communication is with body language, so by using this program as a feminization tool you'll boost your ability to look and feel truly feminine, to transmit and to receive information about your feminine personality and physical appearance, and to unconsciously send off this signal.

You can read thousands of books and watch hundreds of videos about feminization and slowly try to learn the basic tricks and techniques but it won't work. The reason that forcing a change will result in failure is simply because the human mind can only cope with a few actions at a time, whereas the subconscious mind is capable of doing everything for you automatically.

If you think about eating a lemon, you may notice a lot more saliva in your mouth, or if you think about something really scary such as being chased by a rabid wolf then our body makes dramatic changes, such as adrenaline, dilated pupils, more energy, and blood flows away from the skin towards the legs. A hypnotist can make you think that an apple is an onion, and you start to shred tears, and that's the basic principal of sissy hypnosis. Your old unwanted masculine actions, reactions, expressions, gestures, thoughts, will be wiped away, and replaced with new powerful exciting feminine conduct, actions, dreams, and thoughts.

You will be feminized to walk, stand and sit just like a feminine lady. Your facial expressions and gestures will be reprogrammed to act like a woman, even when you sleep you will sit, talk, and walk like a lady in your dreams. You will be taught how to improve your voice for a higher tone and pitch. Your past memories of a young child /man struggling will be erased and forgotten to become only a vague memory, and replaced with a new happy female past.

I have also included a very special program for boosting your self esteem and self-confidence, extra sociability, solutions for overcoming shyness, and especially the self-worth, self-value and self-love. You'll learn how to give off subliminal messages using your eyes, & gestures perfect for a better communication and a image.


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Forced Sissification
Lady Desires
Female Posture
Lady Hands
Walk like a lady
Forget Masculinity
Pheromone smells
Feminine Voice

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Lighthouse Spa


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Space Voyage


Sahara Magic




Scary Tunnel


Peace Garden


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