Hypnosis for Good Luck

Earn, Win and Attract Good Luck and Fortune

This amazing program will change you life. Not only will you learn how to ward off bad luck to avoid negative consequences in your life, but you'll be changing your complete philosophy to build a positive aura. The self hypnosis programs will implant special messages deep into your subconscious mind to help you to avoid certain negative actions, and to put you on the correct track for attracting good luck.

There is no set description for good luck, because each person is different, and your desires will differ from others. Your image of good luck also changes with time. As a young man you may wish for a car, while as you reach middle age your may be uninterested in cars. Maybe you love sailing and if a friend gave you a boat you would consider that to be good luck, but if a family member was badly hurt, or killed in a boat, then this gift would not be so nice. So time also has it's role. Basically good luck is what you wish for in that particular moment in time.

You should visualize your desire as often as possible to increase the passion and to explain to your subconscious mind what you want in detail. This is also done by repeating affirmations.

I doubt if anyone could attract much good luck if they have a state of negative karma, so this program will also work in this field, helping you to plant a few seeds to increase your positive karma.


Duration: 3 hours: 


Hypnotic Induction Samples
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1. Attract Good Luck
2. Positive Karma  

Trance Inductions:

.1. Sahara Magic :32 mins
.2. Paradise Beach :23m
.3. River of Serenity :18m
.4. Lighthouse Spa :14m
.5. Garden of Peace :8m
.6. Space Voyage :23m
.7. Scary Tunnel :6m
.8. Military Bootcamp :11m
.9. Amazon Rainforest :20m
10. Flying with clouds :