Play Better Guitar using Hypnosis  

Self-hypnosis for playing a musical instrument is so effective because taking advantage of the right-side of the brain is very important for creativity and sound.

Your subconscious mind is capable of carrying out millions of actions all at once, and doesn't have to learn how to play each chord, it already knows. We were all born with this gift, it's just a matter of opening the door to this inner mind and giving permission to release your musical talent. If you try to play music or paint an artistic picture using only your left brain-hemisphere you'll almost certainly fail.

Motivation, Chords, Practice, Speed

Imagine your passion for guitar growing stronger and stronger, with more motivation for playing and practicing the guitar. After listening to the self-hypnosis audios you'll try to listen to guitar music more often, more enthusiastic about practicing with more motivation. You will soon be playing fantastic music with more perfection, smoother touch, and better harmony between your both hands, fingers, mind and wrists. This progress is possible with the following self-hypnosis audio downloads.

Each time you come across a difficult part of your learning, your subconscious mind will increase power to that area, and you'll notice how automatically things get easier, you may even start dreaming of the guitar at night.

Guitar music will enter your soul and touch your heart. When you start to play the guitar your right brain hemisphere will be taking over, helping you to easily get into the feel of playing, while your memory centers will pay special attention to remembering notes and chords. It'll feel like your brain is allocating certain colors and shades to each note and chord.

I believe that motivation is the most important aspect of playing the guitar to enhance your training and most importantly to simply enjoy the moment.


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Guitar: CD1

Guitar Basics

Guitar Practice

Guitar Chords

My Guitar

Guitar Booster


Rainforest 20m

Paradise Beach 23m

Riverboat 18m

75 mins

Guitar: CD2

Guitar Future




2 PDF books

Inductions - Mins

Lighthouse Spa 14m

Garden of Peace 8m

Space Voyage 23m

Scary Tunnel : 6m

76 mins

Guitar: CD3

Singing Blues

Singing Rock

Rock voice

Vocal warmups

Voice-lip rolling

Inductions - Mins

Bootcamp 11m

Sahara Magic 32m

Flying Clouds : 20m

82 mins


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song-writing creativity

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