Using the programs

The tracks are normally recorded onto a Cd, Ipod, cellphone or an Mp3 player.

First the Induction, then the particular Affirmation (stop smoking, weight-loss) and finally the Wake-up track, in that order. e.g.


1. Tropical Beach hypnotic induction

2. Quit smoking or Weight-loss, or Phobia etc.

3. Wake up


Stereo headphones help achieve a deeper trance for the advantage of the binaural brainwaves.

Your hypnotic trance maybe instant or progressive. Some people go very deep in their first session, while others need some time. This is purely genetic and has no placebo effect.

Some people listen to the tracks in bed before going to sleep, but I personally get more results using the sessions during the day time, on the sofa.

To deepen any trance, listen to the tracks, and at the same time concentrate on your breathing, making each breath the same, try to breath using your diaphragm, easily, deep and rhythmic. The process of thinking about your breathing is very hypnotic, mainly because it relieves a major task from the subconscious mind.

When listening to the tracks, try to avoid analyzing and questioning, and become more passive to enjoy the journey and the sounds.

Turn off the telephones, and make sure that you won't get disturbed. If you're tense, to relax your body first starting with the feet, tense the foot muscles for a couple of seconds and then relax them, then onto the legs, then stomach, shoulders, back, neck, and head in this order, finally letting any negative tensions flow down the arms and fly off out of the hands.

If you have 2 or more different hypnotic sessions e.g. (stop smoking and alcoholemia) it is better to concentrate on one session for a few weeks before using the other one. Mixing the affirmations seems to confuse the subconscious mind and dilutes the power and effect.

A light to medium state of hypnosis is all that is necessary to effectively communicate the affirmations. Many people experience excellent results while in their own minds they are "still waiting to be hypnotized" because after the hypnotic session they remembered everything and don't "feel" that hypnosis really occurred. They may have only experienced a feeling of relaxation. Regardless of how deep the state of hypnosis, the success of the hypnotherapy is due to its ability to bypass the "door to change" that has been put up by the conscious mind. This bypass does not require deep hypnosis or somnambulism. Hypnotherapy does not require that the client be "put under" and or experience amnesia.

Some tricks for a deeper trance:

If you want to go even deeper then you should practice with some visualization.

Try to imagine a butterfly or some other object and watch how it flutters, concentrate on the details. If you have difficulty at first you could watch a butterfly on Youtube, and then try closing your eyes now and again. Then using your others senses, try to imagine the smell of things, like a perfume, a salty sea breeze. etc. Imagine touching things with your eyes closed. Imagine how it feels like to touch a rock, or a slab of marble, putting your hand into a pale of water, a soft fabric, or caressing a pet.

You may be wondering why there is a scary induction, which doesn't seem so relaxing, but this induction works by increasing adrenaline and alertness followed by the shock of the scream. Then in less than 1 second you hear the word "sleep". This is how some hypnotists use the rapid inductions such as the handshake. (they push the subject backwards to shock them, and shout "sleep")