Self-hypnosis for Insomnia  

Do you find yourself tossing and turning at night? Is your mind too active in bed, just when you need to get some good sleep, and your brain just keeps on like a computer, sometimes thinking about stupid things, and making mountains out of nothing? One of the best methods to clear these thoughts, and dive into a deep sleep is by using hypnotherapy.

The main causes of insomnia and difficulty with sleeping, are problems with the thyroid gland, diabetes, strong muscular contractions, ingestion of caffeine but most of all with a 78% of all cases the problem of insomnia has a psychological cause. Sleeping during the daytime only makes the situation worse.

Hypnotic downloads for sleep

There are many cases such as stress, the loss of a loved one, anxiety, loss of employment etc., where unfortunate people can experiment difficulties in sleeping. After adequate therapy using special self-hypnosis for sleeping disorders, the subconscious mind can be programmed to change the sleeping pattern, better relaxation, less worries, less stress, and in most cases people can recuperate a normal sleeping rhythm, and cure insomnia.

I suffer from sleeping disorder, and I suppose I'm an insomniac?

Self-hypnosis can help you get a deep restful sleep in many ways:

  • By reducing stress, and worries
  • implanting a message into the subconscious mind
  • relaxing the body
  • relaxing the mind
  • urges for certain foodstuffs, vitamins
  • taking away the desire for stimulants such as coffee etc.

Self-hypnosis can help your common disorder
by organizing your problems, finding solutions, and planting messages such as, that nodding off must be the first priority towards sorting out problems.
In a hypnotic trance it is possible to act and do things with lots of energy and physically demanding. But also under a deep trance it is possible to relax and remain tranquil. Usually it is much easier to remain stress free, and therefore relax. Self-hypnosis is also relaxing and helps the recuperation process, but the most important aspect is to plant the messages that sleep is important and easy to achieve etc.

REM or rapid eye movement is produced while dreaming
and is very important. Not only does insomnia cause lack of normal sleep, but also a lack of rem. Experiments have been done to prevent a person from having rem, but getting plenty of normal sleep, and the subjects became very ill. Alcoholics and people taking antidepressants often have trouble getting enough REM.

Does counting sheep work?
visualization is a way to put one's mind away from stressful worries. Repeating images, thoughts and counting is mild form of self hypnosis or a gateway into a mild trance or day dream like state, and therefore help with insomnia.


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Insomnia is a disorder that prevents sleep for long periods of time, and may even prevent a person nodding off altogether. Insomnia may be caused by a number of reasons, such as diet, stress, drugs or alcohol and even some emotions such as fear or dread. Sometimes, a person suffers from lack of sleep because it is simply a hyperactive mind and sometimes you may not be able to sleep because of other physical reasons, such as pain atrocious.

Well at first we think of a sleep disorder as an illness on it's own , but later we start to realize all the other detrimental effects that insomnia, stress can cause, such as tired eyes and face, more wrinkles, lack of concentration, excessive yawning, bad appetite, and other symptoms like anxiety and depression.

The first thing you should do if you're lying in bed, unable to sleep, is to determine whether there may be something you're doing throughout the day that may be causing your sleeping disorder.

For example, if you drink coffee until nine o'clock at night, you do not have to look far to know what is causing your problem. Caffeine, taken mostly at night, much of the blame for this sleep disorder. There are also certain foods that can keep you awake. If you're unsure about your diet, whether you are consuming throughout the day may be causing your insomnia or problems with sleep , a little research or talk to a dietitian. Coffee can finally take that you are removing hours of this much-needed rest and relaxation.

What are the dangers of taking chronic sleep drugs?
the main point and negative effects of most sleeping pills are the dangers of addiction. These drugs have a very high tolerance too, so the danger of abusing these drugs is enormous, and a big risk. The effects of medication can be worse than the problem itself. But of course this also depends on how urgent is the situation and the expert advise of your medical practitioner and doctor, some people find that by taking pills just as a temporary relief can be of great help, and have no problem coming down, while others become too addicted and find it impossible to stop, but also depends on each medicine and each person. The use of natural anxiety sleeping disorder treatments such as self-hypnosis is a healthy alternative.

If you are taking medication, ask your doctor if the medicine may be causing your problems with sleep . Some drugs also cause problems with sleep , particularly amphetamines. Alcohol is another factor that can cause this problem. It all comes down to control exactly what is entering your body. In most cases, it's what you're getting what is causing your sleeping disorder.

Are there any insomnia remedies that work?
This depends on each person but certainly many people have been helped with hot teas made from special herbs that make us relaxed.
Of course, if you're close to an important meeting and are under great stress, or if you're facing some sort of extreme guilt, or even if you really afraid of something, obviously all these situations can also cause problems with sleep .


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"As I already said, my insomnia was getting to my relationship. Great news! I' getting some good sleep, thanks. The first night it worked, out like a light, and woke up with an amazing dream. Even when I'm awake I feel more relaxed and everyday stress doesn't bother me. funny enough, the worst thing for me was to listen to plastic bags, and now it doesn't bother me. I've been taking Diazapam for a few years, does this mean I can forget the pills now? or should I wait"

John Hughes (Kent)

Q & A about Insomnia


Does the self-hypnosis effects for insomnia last forever or just one day?

Depends on each individual, but insomnia can sometimes be cured with one session, while others need to play the Mp3 each night before bedtime.

How can I treat my disorder cause such as worries and stress? … When we find the exact causes of insomnia, we'll be able to control our relaxation for anxiety. We start to use the self-hypnosis for sleep Mp3 to take away our stress and worry-some problems then we plant new messages deep into our subconscious mind.

 I'm looking for an effective cure that will help me to doze off?

We have a "self-hypnosis for sleep" download in Mp3 format and recorded onto a CD ready to be played back just before retiring.

How can I find a cure for depression? …. The best way to start is by talking to an expert doctor, and with his approval checking out information over the internet from specialized dedicated sites based on information and self help by serious sleep experts.

However, if you are free of tension, apart from the stress of not being able to nod off, try an experiment. Try to eat different foods or try to eliminate certain things from your diet. If you suddenly find that you sleep like a baby, you've found the culprit. The key is to listen to your body. Your body needs sleep to recharge your batteries and to avoid being grumpy with your coworkers in the morning.

 I need some urgent cure for insomnia, what can I do?

after speaking with an expert or your doctor maybe you would like to try our special self-hypnosis for sleeping disorders download which can help you to get to sleep with the special effects, nice relaxing music, and the hypnotic rhythms.