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Learn Spanish

One of the most effective ways to learn to speak Spanish language is by using the advantage of the subconscious mind to increase the capability of learning and memory, to tap into your subconscious mind to become relaxed, to enter a state of trance, and then implant the new language in the form of the typical verbs, pronunciation, phrases, and vocabulary deep into your mind. The complete audio download contains over 4 hours of study, composed of various sessions. One of these language sessions contains a hypnotic session for learning the Spanish verbs.

Learning Spanish from scratch for complete beginners?

The hypnotic sessions are compiled in a complete course from zero to advanced, and you can even listen to the them while sleeping at night.

You will have more incentive and motivation to learn Spanish, and you will have a greater memory for remembering each phrase and the best way to pronounce each word.

If you are looking to learn spanish using an audio download then the following trusted program is advanced and complete containing the basics, verbs, phrases, and pronounciation, with a few extra sessions for enhancing your memory, speed reading, and motivation.

You'll soon learn to speak spanish easier and faster with the following hypnosis download. Learning a language is easier, faster, and more effective when under a hypnotic trance, because the subconscious mind becomes more receptive, with a better memory for words, and spanish phrases, and a backdoor pass to the language part of the brain. A sound is much easier to remember than a word in a text book.  

The following audio program is composed of various sessions. The first session contains a hypnotic audio for learning the verbs. This language course contains many phrases in Spanish and English for repeating and copying the correct pronunciation and for a perfect oral practice.

The advantage of using the following hypnosis program to learn conversational spanish is the capacity to memorize the translations easier and this is done better while under a trance.

The audios combine advanced with easy language for beginners, and lots of examples in the audio sessions for learning conversation spanish language, which includes ten full hypnotic inductions and many amazing techniques for an improved memory.

How to learn Spanish without living in Spain?

Although taking a vacation in Spain or to south America will be a great help, it's not absolutely necessary, because with this downloadable Mp3 course you'll be able to study faster, more efficient, listen to the correct pronunciation and practice copying the sounds.

Self-hypnosis for learning Spanish

The following program will help you to understand the alphabet and common words, with pronunciation, and a very effective aural session, with hours and hours of audio tracks using sound effects, brainwave technology, music, and high quality stereo.

Is the spoken language of Spain written down as they speak?

I would agree with you, this is the typical custom and makes it easier for us to understand, to read, and to learn. Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world There are many people who are aspiring to know how to speak Spanish language in order to understand different people. But on the other hand, learning could bring about many advantages.

Once that you have applied these tips in learning to speak Spanish language, in no time; you will get to speak and understand like a local.

I also have multilingual sessions which have been composed for those who wish to learn just a few phrases and numbers in eight languages including French, Italian, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, Arabic, German.

One of the best tips that you must take note of to learn to Spanish effectively is to practice no matter what you have learned. Part of the practicing is not just speaking the language but also to read spanish, to practice your understanding skills and at the same time, help you when it comes to your grammar, you could speak Spanish with friends or anyone that you know who also speaks the language for you to gain more confidence while speaking.

learn spanish


Duration: 5 hours

1: Spanish Basics
2: Spanish Verbs
3: Spanish Phrases
4: Advanced Phrases

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*Speed Reading
*Memory Intelligence
*Powerful Memory
*Motivation for Study  

Trance Inductions:

.1. Sahara Magic :32 mins
.2. Paradise Beach :23m
.3. River of Serenity :18m
.4. Lighthouse Spa :14m
.5. Garden of Peace :8m
.6. Space Voyage :23m
.7. Scary Tunnel :6m
.8. Military Bootcamp :11m
.9. Amazon Rainforest :20m
10. Flying with clouds :

Various Spanish Tales (audio:mp3s)

1. Aguila y su ala cortada
2. Zorra y su vientre
3. Aguila y el cuervo
4. Zorro y la espina
5. Aguila y el escarobaj
6. Zorro y el Leñador
7. Aguila y la flecha
8. Zorro con rabo cortad
9. Aguila y los gallos
10. Zorro y el cangrejo
11. Navidad en alta
12. Aguila y el
13. Zorro y el
14. Zorro y curvo
15. Zorro y el
16. Zorro y el mono
17. Zorro y el
18. Zorro y la
19. Zorro y el perro
20. Zorro y las uvas


Tips to consider when it comes to learning Spanish is to read dictionaries to increase your vocabulary, for you to know when and where to use the words. As stated earlier, part of practicing your understanding and learning the Spanish language and the words is by reading books like dictionaries, novels. This would greatly increase your knowledge of the Spanish language, it would also let you know how to construct sentences in Spanish. This learning Spanish program will also help with memory and learning with 4 ebooks with dictionaries, exercises and 20 short stories in spanish for aural practice.