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Mp3 programs contain Shamanic rhythms & Binaurals

The sounds of nature have been mixed with the voice using a progressive journey script, with many hypnotic techniques such as Reinduction, Indirect suggestions, Overloading, Mental Misdirection, Anchoring, and Sensorial Stimulation blended with special effects, hypnotic music, and isochronic tones, and hidden behind the sound of the ocean, river or wind I have placed binaural beats in the theta range to stimulate the brain waves. You may also be able to perceive the special beats used for hundreds of years to transport the native Shamanic gurus into the fourth dimension. You are slowly guided into an amazing beautiful journey filled with exciting and relaxing quests. You are able to swap and choose from a pack of many trance inductions including the tropical paradise beach where you can relax with the ocean waves, seagulls, and dolphins, the Rainforest where you'll meet up with a native tribe and shaman, the space voyage, where you have the chance to meet up with other beings, a beautiful secret garden, or drift down a country river on a small boat in springtime. When you reach a deep enough state of trance then you'll listen to certain affirmations to implant special messages into your subconscious mind.