Hypnosis for Nightmares

Hypnosis can help you to turn your nightmares into sweet comfortable dreams. Just play this Mp3 session before going to sleep, and your nightmares will transform into adventure. If you wake up directly after a nightmare, you take a deep breath, look at your surroundings, think to yourself that it was only a dream. Dreams are very useful for helping us to sort out certain aspects of our waking reality. Sometimes dreams are trying to tell us something and guide us. Your subconscious mind wants you to check something out.

We dream 3 or 4 times every night, but we forget most of our dreams, so a nightmare is another way of forcing us to remember the dream and sort it out. Avoid dream dictionaries, because dreaming of a cat may mean something to you but if I am allergic to cats then they may mean something else to me.

Write about your nightmare in detail. Sometimes writing can give you insights into what is happening or at least offer a sense of closure and understanding. From now on you'll like to talk to someone else about your nightmare, knowing that a sympathetic ear can always help and give you more insight.

Relax at night with this hypnotherapy program

From now on you'll always remember it's just a dream and nothing that happens in the dream is real, but remember to avoid scary movies near your bedtime. These images stay in your mind and reoccur in your sleep. From now on the message in your nightmares will be communicating using comfortable dreams.

You will always ignore nightmares, and have a mental block for any type of bad dream, and you'll only allow thoughts of sweet dreams. From now on you enjoy trying to discover the meanings of your dreams, by concentrating on how you felt in the dream, and what significance have the objects and characters for you. A little notepad by your pillow is a great method for recording your dreams when you awake.

This self hypnosis session will also give you special affirmations to overcome the unpleasant state of nightmares.


Some examples:

-Each night I only have sweet dreams

-My nightmares transform into dreams instantly

-When I sleep I am peaceful and relaxed

-I breathe with my diaphragm when I sleep

-I easily forget a nightmare

-Nightmares get blocked out of my mind

-I ignore nightmares

-I really enjoy having nice pleasant dreams.

-I remain relaxed and calm before going to sleep




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