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Self-hypnosis for relief

Self-hypnosis is a valuable aid for those suffering from chronic pain. After visiting your doctor and discussing the possibility to use hypnosis to alleviate your discomfort, you are ready to download the sessions. Sometimes too many drugs have side effects and can be damaging to our stomach, liver, kidneys and give us uncomfortable unwanted bad effects.

Solution with Hypnosis

The most optimistic estimate that 80% of the population have suffered or suffer from back problems at some point in their lives. Most heal spontaneously, without any medical treatment. But more often than desired, many patients are subjected to excessive tests to diagnose his poor, are therapies that are not always the most effective and, at worst, cause more harm than good. Treatment of the lower back is further complicated because it involved various specialists (rheumatologists, family physicians, neurosurgeons, traumatologists, rehabilitation ...) applying different formulas to a patient and sometimes contradictory.

Lumbago is localized in the lumbar area but does not specify the exact cause. In the vast majority of cases it is a mechanical-functional, i.e., an aberrant function of articulating the lumbar vertebrae and also may be submitted to other influential factors associated with muscle contractions, slipped discs, scholiasts, and osteoarthritis (wearing , etc.). Contrary to what is traditionally said, osteoarthritis (wear) despite being related, is not the true cause of spinal discomfort. There have been several studies to determine the relationship between radiographic evidence of arthritis of the column, and showed that there is no connection and that osteoarthritis has the same effect on people in pain who do not . That means that may be present in the patient but not the cause but rather a consequence of the real cause.

In some cases, though few, can be another source such as a fracture, tumor, or referred to some internal organ. So it is important to determine the cause in particular through a comprehensive review. However, over 90% of low back pain is actually caused by the functional spinal pathologies (e.g., articulate hypomobility, compression of a nerve, miofascitis, etc.). And not structural pathologies (e.g., tumor , wear, herniated disk. The lower back is a very vulnerable area of our body, which is subject to constant efforts, poor posture, trauma, misuse, hereditary defects, and so on.

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Among the risk factors are: Bad postural habits, previous episodes of back problems, under a state of physical, sedentary lifestyle, lack of strength and endurance of the muscles of the spine, injuries / accidents before, heavy physical work, drive or be seated for long time, combined with movements of the trunk flexion and rotation, frequent exposure to vibration (e.g., machinery and vehicles), repetitive tasks, advanced age, congenital diseases, overweight, scholiasts, corticostriatum-thalamic-cortical steroid treatment, osteoporosis, alcohol , drugs, psycho-social problems, cancer, snuff, infections, circulatory diseases, stress and job dissatisfaction. All this can lead to back injury problems that almost always can be treated without surgery, and that surgery should be considered only in cases where conservative treatment has not been successful in controlling severe or chronic pain or neurological symptoms. In that case has always been to consult with several different professional before taking this step. It should identify what kind of functional or structural problem that causes the symptoms to implement specific treatment and avoid surgery wherever possible.

8 in 10 people suffer from back pain at some point in their lives and this is the main cause of absence from work in the western world. It is also one of the most costly health problems for our industry and society by the loss of working days and cost of treatment. So that the back problem can be considered endemic, which has been studied by most leaders in the health sciences to develop a multidisciplinary treatment guidelines, treatment with medication and rest simply wait to see if it passes, a treatment designed to restore functionality of the column as soon as possible in a multidisciplinary approach coordinated by the rheumatologist and supported by professional experts in education correct postural habits prevention in everyday activities, rehabilitation exercises.

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Eat lots of:

omega 3 from blue fish,

take some olive oil before breakfast, and a spoon of coconut oil, or even better cod liver oil,

Ginger and Turmeric will ease inflammation.

Reduce calories and eat healthy.

Wear a copper bracelet.

Vitamin D, E, and C have been shown to help.

Plenty of live yoghurt or kefir,

Honey and cinnamon in the morning,

cheese, nuts, cereals, vegetables, tomatoes, potatoes,

Sleep apnea (snoring) increases the levels of uric acid in the blood, this is not good for gout or arthritis.


Avoid eating foods such as:

coffee and tea, chocolate because they have a high tannin content,

avoid walnuts, kiwi, peach, apricot,

Don't use margarine or vegetable oils,

milk is the worst offender.

Avoid processed food.

sardines and anchovies have a high purine content, avoid them.

yeast, mussels,

Sugar, and sweet food will give you bad gut flora, which is connected to joint problems and low immune system.

Avoid small fish, organ meats, and try to avoid red meat because it has a lot of purines which will cause high uric acid, also pate, Bovril, Marmite, Oxo, trout, mackerel, lobster, prawns, shrimps,


Absolutely, and one of the best ways to demonstrate this is with this video from Youtube where an operation was performed in 2004 without any chemical anesthetic but by using self hypnosis: see video below.

Dr. Angel Escudero often used hypnosis as a general and local anesthetic pain relief during his operations in North Spain, by sending his patients into a trance, and where the subjects are completely awake to observe and discuss their own operation. A demonstration was shown with a BBC documentary "the Power of Suggestion"