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Why choose Paul's Cds?

I have produced over 300 different themes since 1985 helping thousands of friends and customers to achieve their personal goals, and life challenges. But quantity doesn't mean less quality because each of my exclusive self-hypnosis recording have been carefully designed to be effective, exciting, and enjoyable. In my experience with hypnosis and self-hypnosis I have discovered that the most important aspect is to reach a medium or deep trance state. With one to one hypnosis this is often quite easy because you have instant feedback, but with self-hypnosis, I have no idea of the personality and character of my clients, and we are all very different. So for this reason I have included as many hypnotic induction methods as possible, and over ten different scenes.

  • Each product comes with 10 different guided trance inductions
  • Over 300 high quality self-hypnosis themes
  • Hollywood sound effects
  • Exclusive products only available through my website
  • Many of the inductions contain binaural beats and isochronic tones
  • All the audio tracks contain beautiful background music
  • Full money back guarantee.
  • Utmost respect to your privacy, without any email offers for new products
  • Your email is never used again unless by your own request

Questions to Paul


How did you discover hypnosis?

1980, I was at college when I bought an enthralling book "Mind Games" and found the hypnotic scripts very interesting. I bought three tape recorders, and enabled one to play music such as Pink Floyd, and the other were for the sounds of nature (I used to go out into the forest and record the birds) and the other track was for my voice. Then I mixed all three tracks together to produce some cool recordings. We all enjoyed the audio sessions, and often used them in a group session, where we would all be riding on a giant tortoise or taking a boat trip down a river. Many thanks to Robert Masters and Jean Houston for writing this amazing book back in 1973, it was my inspiration and gave me and my neighbors so much fun.

When did you start practicing hypnosis?


I started delving into hypnosis as a curious hobby in 1977. Then I studied psychology and social behavior, and obtained a diploma in hypnotherapy.

I started helping others with therapy and past life regression in 1985, I had an office in south Spain mainly for the English expat community, but two years later I decided that one-on-one hypnosis was too uncomfortable and expensive.

Since 1995 I have devoted myself to producing self-hypnosis recordings, mainly because they are so versatile, and with modern communications technology such as Mp3 format, internet, downloading, Ipod, and advanced cellphones, I have more tools to help each session become more exciting and lucid. I prefer the deepening effects of special rhythms, sound effects, soothing music and binaural beats.

I started deep study and experiments to discover and create a hypnotic induction that would suit all types of people, whether they be logical and rational or relaxed and creative. My idea was, and still is that a self-hypnosis CD can be used every day without any extra cost, easier, and more comfortable, in your own home. With the advance in new technology such as Mp3 players the difference is that my recordings are very flexible unlike a CD, tape, or video, each track has been designed to be mixed with the other tracks which makes them so much more personal, and effective.

Which is your favorite hypnotic induction?

That depends on which type of affirmations I use. If I need something for relaxing, then I love the "Tropical Beach", but when I need some motivation for sport I use the "Amazon Jungle" Each time I get to the part with tropical rain I just go so deep into trance.

I often use the "Max-Out" audio just before going to the gym, and this gives me an incredible workout.

Do you use hypnosis on yourself?

Yes, I listen about three times per week. I have used "stop Nailbiting" which wears off after about 3 months and needs a top up. I have also used the "Drive carefully CD" for my safety and that of others and to control road-rage. The Karma Cd helps me to be more compassionate and generous. I used the "Love Salads" only once and then I was eating very healthy, filtered water, gluten free, and really bland food tasted delicious. That worked very well, I need to use it again, because the effects have worn off, and I'm back on beer and curry. My wife has used the "Easy Child birth" and our baby son came out in a record 10 mins.

Something curious happens to me when I record the audio sessions, sometimes I get hypnotized. I remember being obsessed with playing chess for 6 months, just after recording an audio for my elder son.

What is the most important aspect of your success?

I believe that the induction to trance is the most important part of the therapy, and this trance has to be deep enough. I know that we're all different, so I've compiled an induction which would cater for all types of minds, whether they may be logical, creative, or dominant, etc. I had to use many different methods to get the perfect trance induction, including the shamanic beats to help to deepen the trance. I don't believe that a light trance would be effective enough, but in saying that, a medium state of trance is just as good as a very deep trance.