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1: Body Language
2: Breaking the Ice
3: Eye Seduction
4: Art of Speech
5: Visualization
6: Seduction Power
7: Authenticity
8: Sociability
9: Gestures
10: Image & style



11: Self Esteem
12: Confidence
13: Self worth
14: Telephone Talk
15: Self love
16: Self Control
17: Shyness
18: Charisma
19: Public Voice


20: Public Speaking
21: Public Gestures
22: Pre sex dating
23: Erection
24: Performance
25: Alpha Male
26: Deeper voice
27: Politeness
28: Rejection

Trance Inductions

1. Sahara Magic

2. Paradise Beach

3. River of Serenity

4. Lighthouse Spa

5. Garden of Peace

6. Space Voyage

7. Scary Tunnel

8. Bootcamp

9. Rainforest

10. Flying

The art of seduction is far too complicated to simply place in a list of rules. Girls are not robots and don't respond to pre- programmed orders. You can copy the exact attitude, looks and style of a famous hunk, but a woman will see right through you, because your subconscious mind is giving off the wrong impression. We have to change the internal message using self-hypnosis to transmit self-assurance using your expressions.

To pick up girls you have to give off an aura of virility, masculinity, and pride, and this cannot be done with practice, forced expressions are obvious, they must be automatic.

If you want to attract women unless you have bad body odors, it's a great advantage to go out without any after-shave or smelly cologne, because you want to give off your natural manly testo smell in the form of pheromones, this is much more attractive to a woman. A man who gives off a virile smell has a better advantage to attract a girl.

Great conversationalists are rarely at a loss for words because they do so many things and go so many places that they have lots to talk about or they prepare. Good conversationalists never leave home without something to say to other girls, they think they'll be seeing that day. Self-hypnosis is one of the best tricks we can use to achieve an instant flow of interesting conversation.

If they're going to a party, they brush up on topics of interest to women they know will be attending. Before returning to work they think about the activities their colleagues had planned for the weekend. They brush up on current events, like the weather and anything else that might be the small talk they need to get a conversation going or to keep it going. As you get in the habit of preparing things to say each day, the preparation phase will become so automatic, you won't even notice you're doing it anymore. At least not until you do what most of us do. You get lazy.

Attract Women

You'll know when it happens. You'll start running out of things to say and it will be harder to carry on conversations with others. But don't despair. Just get back with the program to seduce a lady and prepare yourself to meet girls. Self-hypnosis will teach you automatically to build a strong foundation of social skills one skill at a time, to concentrate your energy and increase the likelihood you'll be successful dating women. Shyness has a way of building on itself. Because we're shy, we don't do things. We don't go to the party, take the class or join the club.

Have you ever been driving and you spot a beautiful girl in the distance, and when you get closer you are right. How does your subconscious mind know from so far away that this girl is gorgeous? Ladies give off signals and messages. men also give off signals, and they must be programmed to send the right message about yourself.


Remove shyness, and then burst in with an attractive new self, full of charm, seduction and power using flirting techniques. The art of seduction can be achieved by reading books or articles but the expert also has the help of hypnotherapy to use the best techniques of flirting, practicing new skills, and better socializing.


The art of flirting can be significantly improved using self-hypnosis in various ways. The main factor is the subliminal or unconscious secret messages casting out through our eyes, facial gestures, posture, smell, voice, walk, and hundreds of other hidden communication messages, helping you to seduce women.

Many experiments have proved that 90% of our real communication is done subliminally, and only 10% with actual words, although the voice is also important, especially the way we move our lips, the tone and pitch, the perfect rhythm, pauses, and hundreds of factors.


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