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Does Self Hypnosis work?

The factor of personalization

Each person responds to different stimuli e.g. 85% of the world population can reach a medium trance which is all that's needed to make impressive changes. About 10% of the population can reach a very deep trance, while another 5% cannot be hypnotized because of mental disability. Hypnotherapy as a science is still fairly new but becoming increasingly popular as people are talking about their success and writing about the effects on social network and blogs. Hypnosis is often used by the British National Health Service. Numerous dentists are using hypnotherapy to numb pain, and some doctors are even using hypnosis to perform surgery.

Dominant men can be easily hypnotized, although they believe otherwise, because some people like to think that they are in control, and that nobody could ever "put them under" or take control of their decisions, but in reality the level of trance doesn't depend on will power or dominance.

A hypnotherapist cannot force you to act against your will. The hypnotist simply gives suggestions, and you may carry out these suggestions only if you accept them.

Dominant, logical people who are always in control, who are independent and strong minded, usually sink into a deep trance within minutes, especially if the hypnotist is using the confusion technique. This method will confuse the left side of the brain, and therefore let the right-hemisphere take over, guiding them into a trance.

Most people when watching a good movie will fall in and out of a trance without even realizing it. Artists who paint, draw or make music will often say how they worked for 6 hours and it felt like only a few minutes, because in the trance state time can be distorted, slowed down, or speeded up. When we are in a state of trance the right side of the brain takes over, and this part of the brain has no interest in time.

Many people think that being hypnotized means acting like a zombie or a slave to the master, but this is only a Hollywood portrayal, and stage hypnosis trickery. In the real world, self-hypnosis is where one being can achieve a trance state where the mind and body is totally relaxed, and open to suggestions. This state can be like a daydream, or like lying in a jacuzzi after a few glasses of wine.

After practicing with self hypnosis the trance gets easier and deeper. If you are a person who enjoys smoking and has no desire to stop, and sees no reason why to stop, then no amount of hypnosis will help. If you have doubts, and there is a small part of you that thinks about stopping smoking and getting healthy again, then hypnosis will be of enormous help, and give you the courage and motivation to stop right away.


Try the free online suggestibility test now to check how deep you can go: online test