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 Self-hypnosis for Slimming

Have you ever tried eating healthy but just can't keep it up because something tells you that the food is too bland and tasteless and that the fattening unhealthy foods taste delicious? This is more than likely to be the main cause of failure.

The root of a successful slimming program starts with your mind. The subconscious mind can be changed to produce certain desires and appetite for healthy diet foods, with an increase in metabolism. Certain foods have been shown to increase satiety faster and longer. This self-hypnosis program has been designed to induce a trance state, then you'll be listening to advice and affirmations which will give you the extra motivation that you need to eat healthy and to enjoy some exercise, which is an important factor in the process of burning unwanted fat.

Most people fail a slimming diet because they just cannot make the sacrifice to keep up with the bland food for months on end, and because they are often faced with hunger and cravings for sweet or fatty food. Your mind should be reprogrammed to love healthy foods, then eating healthy becomes a delight instead of a chore, and you can achieve this by continuously persuading yourself the importance of nutrition, and how delicious it really is. The self-hypnosis download program contains numerous phrases and affirmations to help you to think about food in a new, positive, healthy way.

You should look forward to eating delicious healthy salads and vegetables. Our eating patterns, habits and tastes have been learned, just as some people learned to enjoy something as disgusting as whiskey or cigarettes. We can also learn to hate certain foods, and also learn to enjoy foods using the mind. Imagine that you have the exact same enjoyment and pleasure from eating a carrot as most people do when eating ice-cream, chocolate or a creamy donut, and while it seems hard to believe, it can be achieved easily with self-hypnosis.

Nutrition is one of the main factors of any weight loss program. After 10 months of study and experiments with special tests such as the satiety index and the fullness factor index they came to the conclusion that certain foods can reduce hunger, much better for dieting, to keep the mind satisfied, and actually help us to reduce body fat.

The stomach secretes a hormone called ghrelin which stimulates our appetite and taste for foods, another hormone called cholecystokinin CCK helps us to feel satisfied. So your choice of food plays a very important factor for slimming and weight control. The brain has also it's own mechanism and anorectic hormones. There are many foods which actually contain negative calories (see my list : negative calories to get slim).






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6 week study

This study was done using a 6 week hypnotic diet plan. Fava beans not only produce high satiety, but also contain dopamine, and other micro nutrients which help the body to release testosterone and human growth hormone. Out of all the protein foods, fish is far superior, an ideal food for reducing adipose tissue fast. Certain people from parts of the world where fish is the main diet have a much lower fat %.

The omega-3 oils from blue fish is also excellent for lowering the leptin levels, lowering ghrelin, and producing more CCK and tryptophan, and past all the tests in first place. You too can eat more fish and salad with this program, because you'll learn the importance of eating healthy for slimming.

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Hypnotic audios for slimming?

Oxyntomodulin and leptin play significant factors in controlling appetite. Taking in mind all these hormones and the results of scientific tests to discover which foods are better or worse in a dieting situation, we have compiled some excellent results/tips. High protein diets are by far the best systems for controlling the appetite combined with some fat (but especially the good fats and oils, and certain vegetables.

Glycemic Index

The worst of all the foods in the diets were sugars and surprisingly fructose. Fructose has a low GI value (Glycemic index) normally used by diabetics, because if the slow absorption, but scores very bad in the satiety index. Potatoes scored quite well and produce three times more satisfaction than white bread per calorie, and make an ideal energy source. Apples are also very beneficial and have a mild stimulating action similar to coffee. Whey protein scored very high and is excellent in producing low insulin production, ideal for a high CCK, and high adiporectin levels.

Dieting with the aid of a self-hypnosis audio program can also help with: decrease body fat, and dieting by reprogramming the mind to have a strong desire to eat slower and enjoy the tastes of each mouthful, to burn it off, to increase the metabolism, to have a strong passion for exercise, to burn calories even when you sleep, to produce certain hormones for slimming such as hgh human growth hormone, to take away the desire for binge eating, to replace the enjoyment of being too full with other more healthy delights. etc.

How can a hypnotherapy Mp3 produce alterations in hormones for losing kilos?

Think of eating a lemon right now, probably automatically you are producing saliva. The subconscious mind controls much of our hormone release and production, helping us to lose weight. Speed up the metabolism, burn more calories, make us feel satisfied, have more energy, use up more fat as a fuel rather than important proteins, etc.

How many pounds can I lose on the hypnotherapy downloadable program?

Depends on many factors. If you keep on listening to the weight loss download then you get the added benefit of having an urge to eat healthy, not only for slimming but for keeping in shape and having healthier organs, skin, bones and tighter firmer muscles.

What about exercise for obtaining my ideal body fat?

The audio program will implant messages to increase the desire to slim using exercise and shred pounds of fat while burning off calories. Having a great urge to do some type of sports and exercise to slim is the best method for slimming.

What should I eat to burn fat?

The weight loss download can help with certain urges. A strict diet can be very unhealthy. The best way to lose kilos, burn kilos reduce body fat and get slimmer is by eating healthy, and by automatically having a certain desire for those healthier foods such as vegetables, meat, milk, cheese, yoghurt, chicken, fish, and sea food. etc., all very achievable with the self-hypnosis program.

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