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Questions to Paul Clinton  

Q - Mental training is now an important part in athlete coaching and development. We all have heard about breathing technique, stress management, routines ... etc. But hypnosis remains a bit mysterious for the vast majority. What is sport hypnosis and how it could be integrated in mental training programs?

In a hypnotic trance state we are much more suggestible, and programmable. When our mind is more relaxed we can concentrate more on meanings and understand the affirmations. We can implant messages deep into the subconscious mind that keep reminding us of our goals, motivation for training, passion for winning, enthusiasm for practice, and control our pre competition nerves.


Q - One of the first coach of Tiger Wood is well know for using hypnosis. Do you know other examples of famous athletes and coaches who regularly use hypnosis?

I have sold hundreds of self hypnosis courses to athletes and champions, and some wish to remain anonymous. At the moment the top best selling hypnosis courses are for bodybuilding, golf, martial arts, archery, cricket etc. I know of many athletes that are using or have used considerably the power of hypnosis to improve their sport:

MICHAEL JORDAN, Probably the best basketball player of all time. He used hypnosis in his team the Chicago Bulls.

JACK NICKLAUS, Elite top champion used hypnosis to improve his golf, for better eye, ball, mind coordination.

ANDRE AGASSI, The famous tennis player used hypnosis to win 17 gold masters. Energy, control, focus, strength and power

ROD CAREW, This baseball player used hypnosis to make him one of the best players ever.

SHAQUILLE O'NEAL,Excellent basketball player used hypnosis with the Los Angeles Lakers with Kobe Bryant.

FRANK BRUNO, Frank Bruno used hypnosis during his boxing career to focus on winning each fight

TOM PLATZ, This huge bodybuilder used hypnosis to help him achieve Mr. Universe and very impressive legs

ANDY COLE, Andy Cole footballer used hypnosis to become the 2nd best goal scorer

DAN LUGER, Dan used hypnosis often to lead the edge in the world of rugby

ADAM NELSON, Nelson won numerous gold and silver Olympic medals for shot putting

BILL BUCKNER, World famous top pro baseball player with many titles and credits used hypnosis to win.

STEVE HOOKER, Olympic Gold Medalist Pole Vault holder used hypnotism to win a gold medal in Beijing

JIMMY CONNERS advantage of the power of hypnosis and won 148 titles and 8 grand slams

KEVIN MCBRIDE, Top Irish boxer who beat Tyson with the aid of hypnosis and extra mind power

SHANNON BAHRKE, Olympic free style skier. World cup champion and silver medalist with the help of hypnosis.

CORY EVERSON, Female bodybuilder won the Miss Olympia over six times.

DORIAN YATES, This massive British bodybuilder won the Mr. Olympia 7 times beating Arnold

VICTOR MARTINEZ, Huge cut lean Olympian champion bodybuilder from Dominican Republic.

JIM EISENREICH, Top player with Los Angeles Dodgers helped with mind training and self hypnosis.


Q - We know that peak performance is related to our ability to turn off the left part of our brain and to be able to focus more on our feeling and our senses. Does hypnosis help athlete to develop this instinctive part?

To achieve 100% total mind power for success in sport it's necessary to take advantage of both the left and right brain hemisphere, and increase the harmonization of both sides. The right side is responsible for achieving a better aim, because it has the ability to judge distance, speed, curves, space, and hand-eye-brain coordination with an exact precision. This ability doesn't have to be learnt it's already there, we just have to tap into it.


Q - We can understand this new type of training for elite athletes and team who already have a strong physical and technical basis, but can hypnosis help a young athlete too?

Very often a young athlete needs more motivation, a bit more passion, and to learn how to put in more concentration especially into the skills and talent of their sport. A young athlete doesn't have the same ability to pass the pain-barrier as a well trained champion. The pain message comes from our brain and can be blocked or dampened. There is a famous surgeon in Valencia who operates on his clients without any form of anesthetic, and uses hypnosis to block the pain.


Q - One of the ability of great champions is to be able to shift their attention very quickly on what really matters. Can we develop this skill through hypnosis?

I have designed powerful self hypnosis audios to help increase performance in many ways. I also include the ability to produce more adrenaline and helping the athlete to become sharp, alert, fast, attentive, and quick thinking. Adrenaline also helps us to become physically stronger and faster. If we think we are being chased by a crazy pack of wolves, we will automatically produce more adrenaline, our eyes (pupils) become wider, and alert, and the brain sends more blood and oxygen away from the skin and to the muscles.


Q - Athletes who report to have been "in the zone", often say that their vision was different, their perception was modified (crystal clear vision, enhanced visual acuity etc.). Under hypnosis, the perceptions are modified too. Can we work our senses awareness through hypnosis in order to reach the same sort of states hoping to enter the Zone more often?

There have been many experiments using hypnosis and our senses, and they have demonstrated that our subconscious mind can see and hear much faster than our normal conscious eye and ears could actually see. This is the idea of subliminal hypnosis. I made an online experiment where people were made to watch a video with secret hidden messages to choose the colour green, then they would be asked which colour is on their mind and the results at this moment are:

green 526, blue 302, red 248, and yellow 209, so we can see that the subliminal test is working.

Here is the subliminal test: subliminal.htm


Q - Some athletes we have interviewed for this article say they practice a sort of "soft eyes" or "dead gaze" during their movement because according to us it allows them at the same time to be focus on their senses and to have a great awareness of their environment. Can the athlete learn hypnosis techniques to put himself in the same sort of state, "focusing on nothing but seeing everything"?

The "soft eyes gaze" happens when an athlete is tuning into the right side of the brain. This often happens to artists when they are painting, they lose all sense of time, and get lost in their work. This is because the right side of the brain seems to cut off the outside world and let's us concentrate on the subject without distraction. Any negative thought can be disastrous for an athlete. This is very helpful in competition and where the athlete needs total focus. In most of my audios I place a special anchor word which connects to the previous hypnosis session. Just by thinking about the keyword then the athlete will instantly feel more relaxed, confident, stronger, powerful, with better concentration, a boost in hormones, more oxygen and extra ATP in the muscles, a winning mind, more positive, with nerves of steel.



Q - How do you see the evolution and future of hypnosis in sports?

Hypnosis has had a false bad image of the dark or occult practices. Stage hypnotism and Hollywood have given the science of hypnosis a bad name, and many people seem afraid, unsure, and ignorant about what hypnosis really means. Some people think that the hypnotist can control their minds and force them to do unacceptable doings, but this is far from the truth. Now that hypnotherapy is available under the British health service, and with the help of many informative sites and magazines hypnosis is starting to become accepted as safe and normal. I would say that within ten years almost all top athletes will have discovered that hypnosis is too powerful to ignore, and they will be looking for this competitive edge. As the anti-doping science becomes more sophisticated athletes will have to replace sport enhancing drugs with a more safer natural healthy alternative in the form of hypnosis or guided meditation


Sport Psychology Motivation for Skill Strength & Energy


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The Clinton Method Sport Advantage
The Clinton Advantage is dedicated to helping top athletes and sports people succeed and win at their game. These self hypnosis audio sessions will give you the following advantages:


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  • better focus and mind power
  • less pre competition nerves
  • more self confidence
  • controlled aggression
  • undistracted concentration