Quit "Gay" with hypnosis

Does Gender Identity Conversion work?

Scientists have not discovered a "gay gene" but have some evidence of maybe a genetic influence. (see the study below)

Others have demonstrated that prenatal stress hormones with a higher than normal level of DHT maybe a cause functionality (Dresden Study)
They also found a difference in hormone levels, and not forgetting GID (gender identity disorder). see study below.

In my opinion the cause is irrelevant. One may have a genetic probability to becoming an alcoholic, or depressed, but if you stay off booze you're fine. Likewise one may have a more genetic tendency to become gay, and more susceptible to homosexuality, but if you have always associated sexual pleasure, mastur-bation and orgasm with women and images of females, then it does not mean absolutely that your gay tendency will flourish, and so it would be possible to stop being gay in certain men especially the younger generation.

Cause of homosexuality

This is my personal opinion, and I have very little scientific evidence to prove it, but if we simply use some common sense we'll be able to understand why I have come to this conclusion:

Being a homosexual has an advantage.....we don't make babies! So why would our body want us to not reproduce? It seems quite obvious to me that our body doesn't want us to pass on a bad gene, or a type of hereditary illness. It's obviously something unwanted and long-lasting. Our intestinal bacteria are excellent at sending messages to our brain, and they often influence our taste in food, they can encourage addictions, they can increase our desire for sex, increase dopamine, endorphins, and dramatically influence our immune system. Scientists are only touching the tip of the iceberg with regard to our gut flora, and are slowly discovering new connections such as autism, hyperactivity, mental problems, and skin conditions.
At first I thought that maybe there is a "gay gene" but it's quite obvious that with such low reproduction in homosexuals, the gene could not have survived so many generations.
I must add that there is a tribe called the Ngandu where homosexualtiy is non existent (they know about it, it's not frowned upon or punished, but simply doesn't exist)


Can You Become Heterosexual?

Homosexual conversion will not work for everyone. If you have been bombarded with sexual associations for many years, and continuously connecting the male image with desire and pleasure, then the odds for you trying to stop your homosexuality is very low.

e.g.. each time you have sex with a man, you produce a wide range of "feel good" hormones such as dopamine, endorphins etc. Your brain will associate the smell of your mate with feeling good, his male jaw, his penis, hairy chest, and everything male = feel good, and these feelings and desires are not easy to quit.

A man who has never had sex with a woman, and finds the idea impossible or even repulsive, will probably not convert, but can easily increase their gay pride and self esteem.

If you think that your grade of homosexuality is too high and you imagine that stopping being gay would be impossible, then the best alternative is to be free, and to accept yourself as you are now, become proud, confident, and totally natural, taking away any negative issues, and all this can be achieved in a few weeks with the following program

Factors which influence the results:

*Age, and time practicing homosexuality
(a young man will find it easier to convert)

*Grade of homosexuality or bisexuality
(the more sexual experience with women the greater the success)

*Previous experience with hypnosis. (previous attempts to stop being gay)
(previous experience with meditation or hypnosis or a natural ability to reach a deep trance: see conversion success with hypnosis)


6 hours of self-hypnosis  

Part One

Forget Male Associations

Sex Pleasure Association

Pre Sex Hetero Erection

Female Expression

Analsex displeasure

Heterosexual climax

Pheromone Arousal

Forget the "Sexual Past"


Alpha Male Characteristics

Part Two

11. Seduce Women

12. Hormone Levels

13. Foreplay Stimulation

14. Male Pheromone disgust

15. Physical Arousal

16. Nutrition

17. Masculinization

18. Visual Seduction

19. Sexual Performance

Part Three
Trance Inductions

1. Paradise Beach

2. River of Serenity

3. Lighthouse

4. Flying with Clouds

5. Space Voyage

6. Amazon Rainforest

7. Military Camp

8. Sahara Magic

9. Garden of Peace

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The Brain is Flexible

"Cab drivers' gray matter enlarges and adapts to help them store a mental map of the city. Taxi drivers given brain scans by scientists at University College London had a larger hippocampus compared with other people. This is a part of the brain associated with navigation in birds and animals. The scientists and Dr. Eleanor Maguire also found part of the hippocampus grew larger as the taxi drivers spent more time in the job."

The brain can be changed, molded, trained, just like a muscle. Your emotions and your mind can be changed too. The "Feminization" audio sessions have been very successful, for transgenders.
For gay men it is a bit different because we're talking about sex, and sex is very powerful. The endorphins produced after an orgasm are 100 times more addictive than heroin.

Do not follow this course if you have been pressured by peers, family, religious group, teachers, friends, partner, or because of religious belief. You must be over 18, and have the freedom to choose your own sexual preferences.


the complete course contains:
  • CD:1. Forget Male Sex Associations
    (wipe away those old sexual images of men and the feelings that they once produced)
  • CD:2. Female Sex Pleasure Associating
    (create strong sexual arousal connecting to women, images, videos, especially breasts, smooth thighs, and the feminine body-shape)
  • CD:3. Female Beauty Visualization with Pre-Sex Erection
    (guided mastur-bation while visualizing and listening to feminine images and sounds)
  • CD:4. Female Expression Attraction
    (become sexually attracted and aroused by female sexy gestures, expressions, subliminal movements, posture, walk, eye contact etc.)
  • CD:5. Quit Anal-Sex pleasure (passive and active)
    (this type of sex will feel uncomfortable, unpleasurable and erection will fail. Only to be used in the later stages, after success with hetero sex)
  • CD:6. Strong Powerful Hetero Orgasms
    (Increased orgasm sensation and duration with women and with hetero videos)
  • CD:7. Heightened Sexual Arousal towards female pheromones
    (become highly aroused by female pheromones and odors)
  • CD:8. Forget your sexual past
    (create a new hetero past, with memories of beautiful women)
  • CD:9. Copulation / Penetration Desire
    (the sexual act and thrust movement will produce endorphins, better capability to appreciate the woman's delight and pleasure)
  • CD:10. Alpha Male Characteristics
    (become more virile and sexually attractive to women using your subliminal gestures, tone of voice, male expressions, image, manly posture, walk, and conversation, making it easier for dating and for stimulating the woman's sex drive, with more dominance)
  • CD:11. Seduce and Attract Beautiful Women
    (automatically use subliminal techniques to attract and seduce women, and find your soul-mate)
  • CD:12. Increased Testosterone Levels, Decreased Oestrogens
    (change your natural hormone levels, boost testosterone with self-hypnosis and nutrition, and lower estrogen and estradiol levels, this helps with libido, and for attracting women, also gives off sexy pheromones.)
  • CD:13. Super Stimulation of Hetero Foreplay
    (learn how to have mutual orgasms using advanced foreplay)
  • CD:14. Male Pheromone Disgust
    (each time you smell male pheromones you become disgusted and have to back away. Male smells become sickly and disgusting)
  • CD:15. Physical Arousal
    (no need to rely and depend on just imagination, but combine fantasy, imagination with physical feelings and touching)
  • CD:16. Nutrition for Hetero Sex
    (a strong desire to eat certain foods which increase testosterone levels (e.g. broad beans) and for foods that contain sex stimulants such as citruline and lycopene, which stimulate male sexual appetite and performance. Watermelon, and tomatoes)
  • CD:17. Masculinization
    (become more manly and virile with more masculinity.)
  • CD:18. Visualization Seduction
    (seduce gorgeous women using the power of visualization)
  • CD:19. Sexual Performance
    (become a sexual master in bed with women)


 These audios are flexible to be combined with one of the 10 trance inductions ........ If you prefer 8 Albums ready to play (no mixing) see bottom of this page here



Androgen Receptor (AR) Repeat Length Polymorphism Associated with Male-to-Female Transsexualism

Lauren Hare, Pascal Bernard, Francisco J. Sanchez, Paul N. Baird, Eric Vilain, Trudy Kennedy, and Vincent R. Harley

Background: There is a likely genetic component to transsexualism, and genes involved in sex steroidogenesis are good candidates. We explored the specific hypothesis that male-to-female transsexualism is associated with gene variants responsible for under-masculinization and/or feminization. Specifically, we assessed the role of disease-associated repeat length polymorphisms in the androgen receptor (AR), estrogen receptor beta (ER?), and aromatase (CYP19) genes.

Methods: Subject-control analysis included 112 male-to-female transsexuals and 258 non-transsexual male controls. Associations and interactions were investigated between CAG repeat length in the AR gene, CA repeat length in the ER? gene and TTTA repeat length in the CYP19 gene and male-to-female transsexualism.

Results: A significant association was identified between

transsexualism and the AR allele, with transsexuals having longer AR repeat lengths than non-transsexual male controls. No associations for transsexualism were evident in repeat lengths for CYP19 or ER? Individuals were then classified as short or long for each gene polymorphism based on control median polymorphism lengths in order to further elucidate possible combined effects. No interaction associations between the three genes and transsexualism were identified.

 Conclusions: This study provides evidence that male gender identity may be partly mediated through the androgen receptor for transsexuals and gay men.

Plasma Testosterone Levels in Heterosexual and Gay Men


Richard C. Pillard1, Robert M. Rose1 and Michael Sherwood2, Boston University School of Medicine,

Abstract Plasma testosterone levels were measured in 28 gay men and correlated with psychological variables. The overall mean testosterone level for the homosexuals was somewhat lower than for a group of heterosexual controls, but the range of values for the two groups showed considerable overlap. Among the homosexuals, the 13 with some heterosexual experience had higher testosterone levels than the 15 with none, showing that it could be possible to stop being gay by changing the levels of testosterone.


Finger-length ratios and sexual orientation

Measuring people's finger patterns may reveal some surprising information.

finger length in gay males chart


Animal models have indicated that androgenic steroids acting before birth might influence the sexual orientation of adult humans. Here we examine the androgen-sensitive pattern of finger lengths-1, and find evidence that homosexual women are exposed to more prenatal androgen than heterosexual women are; also, men with more than one older brother, who are more likely than first-born males to be gay in adulthood, are exposed to more prenatal androgen than eldest sons. Prenatal androgens may therefore influence adult human sexual orientation in both sexes, and a mother's body appears to 'remember' previously carried sons, altering the fetal development of subsequent sons and increasing the likelihood of gay in adulthood.

In women, the index finger (2D, second digit) is almost the same length as the fourth digit (4D), although it may be slightly longer or shorter; in men, the index finger is more often shorter than the fourth. The greater 2D:4D ratio in females is established in two-year-olds1. Because all non-gonadal somatic sex differences in humans appear to be the result of fetal androgens that masculizing males, the sex difference in the 2D:4D ratio probably reflects the prenatal influence of androgen males.

In an anonymous survey, 720 adults who were attending public street fairs in the San Francisco area were asked their gender, age, sexual orientation, handedness, and the number and gender of children their mother had carried before them. As expected, men have significantly longer fingers than women (P < 0.001), and we confirmed reports that the 2D:4D ratio is greater in women than it is in men.

This sex difference in 2D:4D is greater on the right hand than on the left (Fig. 1a), indicating that the right-hand 2D:4D is more sensitive to fetal androgens than the left-hand ratio. The right-hand 2D:4D ratio of homosexual women was significantly more masculine (that is, smaller) than that of heterosexual women, and did not differ significantly from that of heterosexual men. Thus finger ratios, like otoacoustic emissions, suggest that at least some homosexual women were exposed to greater levels of fetal androgen than heterosexual women.

Figure 1 Finger-length patterns vary with gender, sexual orientation and birth order.

2D:4D ratio of gay men was not significantly different from that of heterosexual men for either hand. However, segregating male subjects based on birth order provided support for the role of fetal androgens in male sexual orientation. The more older brothers a boy has, the more likely he is to develop a homosexual orientation. Confirming these reports, we also found that only homosexual men had a greater than expected proportion of brothers among their older siblings (229 brothers:163 sisters) compared with the general population (106 males)

We found that the male 2D:4D ratio, which is unlikely to be influenced by social factors, also varies with the number of older brothers. The ratio was significantly more masculine in men with two or more older brothers than in men with no older brothers. There is also a significant correlation between the number of older brothers and the right-hand 2D:4D ratio in men. If male subjects are divided by sexual orientation, the same pattern of later-born men displaying a more masculine 2D:4D is seen. Having older sisters has no apparent influence on male sexual orientation, or on the 2D:4D ratio in men. No effect of older brothers or sisters on 2D:4D in women was observed, consonant with reports that older siblings exert no effect on female sexual orientation.

Our results suggest that events before birth (or even before conception in the case of older brothers) influence human sexual orientation. The masculizing right-hand 2D:4D ratio in homosexual women may reflect fetal androgen levels that are slightly higher than in heterosexual women. Gay men without older brothers have 2D:4D ratios indistinguishable from heterosexual eldest sons, indicating that factors other than fetal androgen (such as genetic influences) also contribute to sexual orientation. Finger measures indicate that men with more elder brothers, including those men who develop a gay orientation, might be exposed to greater than normal levels of prenatal androgen.

Although hyper-androgenization of gay men might not fit some cultural expectations, homosexual men display several hyper-masculine characteristics, including a greater mean number of sexual partners in a lifetime than heterosexual men, who in turn report more sexual partners than do women of either orientation. Furthermore, reports that adult gay men have more circulating androgens, larger genitalia and more 'masculine' auditory evoked potentials than heterosexual men, are consistent with at least some homosexual men being hyper-androgenized.

Although it is possible that the maternal influence on finger growth of subsequent sons occurs after birth, a prenatal influence seems more likely because of the extensive physiological pairing of mother and fetus. The locus of the maternal 'memory' for previous sons, and the mechanisms by which fetal development of subsequent sons is altered, remain unknown.

gay male hands diagram





Department of Psychology and Graduate Groups Neuroscience, Endocrinology, 3210 Tolman Hall, MC 1650, University of California , Berkeley, California

94720-1650, USA

see also various scientific studies for conversion success here

Parental Stress Feminizes and Demasculizes the Behavior of Males


Male rats were exposed to prenatal (i.e. before they were born) or postnatal (after they were born) stress, or both. The prenatal stressed males showed low levels of male copulatory behavior and high rates of female lordotic responding. Postnatal stress had no effect. The modifications are attributed to stress-mediated alterations in the ratio of adrenal to gonadal androgens during critical stages of sexual differentiation. Specifically, it appears that stress causes an increase in the weak adrenal androgen, androstendione, from the maternal fetal adrenal cortices, or both, and a concurrent decrease in the potent gonadal androgen, testosterone, so by increasing testosterone naturally it may be possible to stop homosexuality in certain males.

Parental Stress Feminizes and Demasculizes the Behavior of Males, Science, January 7, 1972 (83-84)." The present data support the hypothesis that exposure of pregnant rats to environmental stresser modifies the normal process of sexual behavior differentiation in male fetuses by decreasing functional testosterone and elevating androstendione levels during prenatal development. During stress conditions plasma testosterone emanating from the gonads decreases while adrenal androstendione rises. The molecular structure of the two androgens, being very similar, it is postulated that the two hormones compete for the same receptor sites. Since androstendione is a less potent androgen than testosterone, the decrease in male copulatory ability and increased lordotic potential seen in the prenatal stressed animals of the present study would be expected. The relative difference in potency between testosterone and androstendione has been repeatedly demonstrated.

"The resulting alterations in sexual behavior provide the basis for an effective population control mechanism, since offspring so affected would not possess the behavioral repertoire necessary to contribute to population growth. Thus, the environment, by triggering an adrenal stress response, may control the reproductive capacity of successive generations of differentiating fetuses and, thereby, population size. "

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CD4. Erections & Orgasm

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CD6. Alpha male Masculinity

CD7. Pherormones & Associations

CD8. Dating Women


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