Self-hypnosis for Stress

If you feel a bit wary about self-hypnosis you can use the excellent audios included for relaxation, meditation, and breathing. Then one day when you have more information and understanding about how self-hypnosis works you can progress to the deeper trance sessions included. Take note that the C. Joy method of therapy is very different from other hypnotherapy and stage hypnosis. Think about my audio sessions as guided relaxation and visualization journeys.

In this modern world sometimes trying to fit in, trying to keep up, trying to win, trying to achieve can become a difficult journey full of obstacles and suffering. We can see the effects of stress in ourselves and observing others, but also in the lab, scientists have proved many times the crippling effects on health.

Relaxed, Calm, Tranquil, and Peaceful

Imagine if you could wake up and think positive. These audio sessions have been created to change your old negative ways of thinking, replacing your thoughts with positive feelings, sensations, plans, and organization. This kit contains a variety of different sessions to suit each need and person. Some people have a very logical square way of thinking, while others are more unorganized, and theatrical. A key anchor word will be implanted into your subconscious mind to be used now and again when you need to relax and put aside those worrying thoughts. You will learn how to control your breathing until it becomes perfect, rhythmic, flowing, relaxing, and how to use the muscles of your diaphragm while keeping your chest relatively still.

From now on if you need or want to think about difficult decisions such as problems at work or with relationships, then now you have the solution. In your past these worrying problems would spiral into a vicious circle blocking away your clear thinking. Now all you have to do is listen to an audio session for about 30 mins, and then after that your mind will be sharp and clear to enable you to make the best decisions without any excessive worrying.

After a few months of practice your mind will automatically help you to think in a positive manner, breathe correctly, and block out negative useless thoughts that normally eat up all your time and health.

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Positive thinking
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Inductions - Mins

Rainforest 20m
Paradise Beach 23m
Riverboat 18m
Lighthouse Spa 14m
Garden of Peace 8m
Space Voyage 23m
Scary Tunnel : 6m
Bootcamp 11m
Sahara Magic 32m
Flying Clouds : 20m

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To control your stress right now, try to keep a positive, realistic attitude, but although you can't control everything, you can control how you respond, and instead of becoming angry,it's better to share your thoughts in a polite way, relaxed and tranquil. give yourself plenty of time to carry out hobbies and other enjoyable pastimes. Soon you'll learn to identify which things are more stressful and organize yourself with a plan to handle each situation.


  • Keep a list of your daily stress, one for the large important events, and another for more trivial things in your life, and this will help you to focus and manage these problems.
  • Get ample amount of sleep and relaxation. Hypnosis can help you with that.
  • Try and use humor to your advantage, laugh and smile.
  • Talk to your family and friends.

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