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10 CD pack plus ebooks: Exciting, efficient, trusted, programs for transformation from male to female, and can be combined with or without hormone therapy. The most effective method of feminization with 30 years of expert experience with self-hypnosis trance induction and extensive knowledge of transsexualism, feminization, confidence for transgenders, crossdressing, dating and sexual problems all into one guaranteed program that every single client has achieved success. You will not need any previous experience with hypnosis because this special pack has over ten different inductions to trance to cater for each personality. You will be amazed and excited with the results, producing the desire for change that you deserve. This download pack of over three hours of powerful self-hypnosis will change your life, and convert you into a natural, more than passable, attractive, charismatic, and beautiful woman.

Imagine that you can walk into a crowded bar with a feminine posture, and give off feminine signals. Imagine that you have changed your micro-expressions, gestures, and subliminal body language to become a true feminine lady without a shadow of a doubt, even if you may still have a manly jaw line, or wide shoulders, or a huge Adam's apple, other people will only interpret the signals that you transmit.

In just under one second our brains make quick scans of each person, then our subconscious mind will process that information and then decide how to react. If you have been programmed to transmit subliminal signals of femininity then that is the image that you will give.

Police and airport security are now starting to use this technology to detect whether people are telling the truth or not, because micro-expressions on our face and body chemistry will reveal hundreds of characteristics about ourselves and our personality. You should change your subliminal messages now by listening to the self-hypnosis program, because even the most beautiful transsexual will not pass if she has not reprogrammed her body language.

This program will also give you more confidence and self-esteem which is very important for dating, making friends, passing an interview, and for impressing others.

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Duration: 4.5 hours 

 ebook Included

 book feminization

Not only your tone of voice, but the way you speak is very important. This Mp3 download pack contains an album dedicated to transforming your voice, speech, conversational errors, and also pitch.

Sometimes it's difficult to shake off our past experiences, so Paul has designed an album to wipe away masculine memories, and to replace your past with new feminine experiences. The subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between something that has actually happened and just a thought.

10 amazing full albums for feminization:

Hand movements, Lady Posture, Gestures, Facial Expressions

30 mins

Higher Voice, Natural Tone, Conversation, Feminine Speech, Pitch

35 mins

Transformation, Past memories, Create new memories, Feminizing

31 mins

Seduce Men, Seduction, Dating

15 mins

Feminine walk

41 mins

Self esteem, Self-Love, Self-confidence

29 mins

Lady attitude, Feminine Desires

17 mins

Hormones, skin, breasts

35 mins

Sexual fantasy with Brad Pitt or other celebrity

32 mins

Beautiful Booty

23 mins

 transsexual cds

 All the following albums are included in the feminization pack:

+ free gift included:

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