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Hypnosis for Dukan Diet

This is the most popular French dieting system used by famous Hollywood stars to lose fat fast. After trying this special Dukan diet myself I found that it was very difficult to miss out on the fatty sugary foods that I've enjoyed all my life and failed quite soon after.

I decided to make a personal self-hypnosis program (available for download) to give me the optimism, motivation and self control to stick to the Dukan diet, and soon enough my brain started to adapt to new tastes and all this healthy food especially protein started to become delicious. I lost all the fat that I needed, and enjoy my perfect ideal body-weight. The reason the hypnosis is a fantastic tool to combine with this diet is that you'll start enjoying the normally bland foods, and you'll have a greater motivation and discipline to stick with the diet.

The best way to Slim and be healthy

These self-hypnosis downloadable audios will help you to keep motivated and and make this Dukan diet part of your life. You will soon start loving healthy food, and enjoying the different delicious tastes of high protein foods and vegetables.

The Dukan diet consists of four stages. the first part of the Dukan diet is called the "Attack Phase" and consists of protein only. The second phase of the Dukan diet or Cruise phase. The Cruise phase of the Dukan diet adds 30 vegetables plus protein and bran. You'll gradually but lose fat weight by alternating pure protein days with protein + vegetable days. The average length of this phase is based on a schedule of 3 days for each pound that you need to lose.

Phase three of the Dukan diet is often called the Consolidation phase. This part of the Dukan diet has been designed to prevent rebound yo yo weight loss. On this phase you can add a special day for eating anything at all. This phase of the Dukan diet follows a strict timeline – 5 days per every pound of fat lost in Cruise Phase.

Phase four of the Dukan diet is for maintenance and is called stabilization. You keep on taking some spoons of bran, keep on doing a 30 minute walk each day, and one day per week eat protein only.





1. Beef steak

2. Fillet of beef

3. Sirloin steak

4. Roast beef

5. Rump steak

6. Tongue

7. Bresaola

8. Veal escallop

9. Veal chop

10. Kidney

11. Calf's liver

12. Precooked ham

13. Precooked chicken

14. Fat-reduced bacon

15. Game

16. Rabbit/hare

17. Bass

18. Cod (fresh)

19. Crab/ocean sticks

20. Dab/lemon sole

21. Dover sole

22. Gray mullet

23. Haddock

24. Hake

25. Halibut

26. Herring

27. Mackerel

28. Monkfish

29. Plaice

30. Pollock/Coley

31. Rainbow trout/salmon

32. Red mullet

33. Salmon

34. Smoked salmon

35. Sardines

36. Sea bream

37. Skate

38. Swordfish 39

39. Tuna

40. Turbot

41. Whiting

42. Fish roe

43. Calamar/squid

44. Clams

45. Cockles

46. Crab

47. Crawfish/crayfish

48. Dublin Bay prawns

49. Lobster

50. prawn/

51. Mussels

52. Oysters

53. Prawns

54. Scallops

55. Shrimps

56. Whelks

57. Chicken

58. Pasion

59. Chicken liver

60. Guinea fowl

61. Ostrich

62. Pigeon

63. Quail

64. Turkey Eggs

65. Hen's eggs

66. Quail's eggs

67. Nonfat cottage cheese

68. Nonfat cheese

69. Nonfat yoghurt

70. Nonfat quark

71. Skimmed milk

72. Tofu

73. Artichoke

74. Asparagus

75. Eggplant

76. Beetroot

77. Broccoli

78. Cabbage

79. Carrot

80. Celery/celeriac

81. Chicory

82. Courgette

83. Cucumber

84. Fennel

85. French beans

86. Leek

87. Mushrooms

88. Onion

89. Palm hearts

90. Peppers (sweet)

91. Pumpkin/marrow

92. Radish

93. Rhubarb

94. Salad leaves:

95. Soya beans

96. Spinach

97. Swede

98. Swiss chard

99. Tomatoes .

100. Turnip