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  Hypnotic Audios for Lucid Dreaming

 What is lucid dreaming?

Imagine that you could just close your eyes and fly away to your favorite place, and observe the details with your conscious mind, as if you were totally awake, looking at your arms swaying like wings, and admiring the view below. Imagine going to visit a very special person, and chatting away for hours, or performing on a massive stage in front of thousands of people, confident and proud.

Lucid dreaming, oobes, out of body experiences, and astral projection is simply the transferring of the consciousness from the physical body to the astral body. These hypnotic Mp3s can help achieve a lucid state, to remember and experience the dream as if it were actually happening.

I am a bit afraid, is it ok? Fear is the great barrier to human growth. This is why once you've built the desire, relaxed and can concentrate, you need to lose the fear. One of the biggest obstacles is the initial fear of the vibrational stage of an out of body experience. Lucid dreams are very safe if used in moderation.

Lucid dreams are those in which the dreamer perceives that is dreaming. It can be spontaneous or induced by self-hypnosis.

The "false awakening" , lucid dreaming and REM phase, may be spontaneous or self.

Most people have had at least one lucid dream in their life, but usually forget the dream. But there are people who are trained to experience this kind of dreams and control them in different ways. During these dreams, there are different levels. Mastery of this kind of dreams involves the ability to change locations, including learning to fly, change in appearance, and any other changes that you have always wanted to do. Lucid dreams can be remembered, are displayed in greater detail and clarity that the common dream. Occasionally, there are individuals who perceive these experiences as more real than the reality.

Techniques for lucid dreams

Self hypnosis: an amazing step for anyone who wants to achieve lucid dreams (onironauta) helping us to learn to realize that we are dreaming, which is called a reality test, any weird object, person, or anything at all that we recognize in a dream, can become our anchor to our waking reality and thus open the subconscious mind to an amazing world with the power to experiment, adventure, and enjoy everything imaginably possible.



Lucid Dreaming



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Phenomena of lucid dreams:


During the REM sleep phase, there is a body paralysis, except for the eyes that move quickly, hence the name of this stage (REM, rapid eyes move). During this period, among one may experience hallucinations, which causes a reaction in the dreamer. One can also experience during this phase, a false awakening, when we dream and we believe that we get up and perform daily activities. The ability to recall dreams is very important in the practice of lucid dreams, and allowing access to this phenomenon, helping us to remember dreams. We can use a dream diary, where you write down what you remember on waking, including not only what we dream, but our impressions and thoughts. Another technique to remember the dream, is mentally before sleep, to remember the dream the next morning.

The dream

Every night we spent between one hour and a half and two hours dreaming about once every 90 minutes, distinguished 5 stages during sleep, 4 non-REM sleep (rapid eye movement) and REM. Although dreams at every stage of dreams that are more reminiscent of the dreams that are in the REM stage. Many people believe that no dream, but this is not so, all dream, but it does not always remember to remember there are more and more methods or techniques that can help us both to improve memory during sleep as to what is called lucid dreams. Lucid dream

A lucid dream is one in which the dreamer realizes that he's in a dream, this can be made spontaneously or through the application of certain techniques that lead to either maintain or recover consciousness in dreams. It is likely that most people have had one or more lucid dreams at some point in their lives, although most of the time have been forgotten like the dreams in common. There are people who exercise to take control and end up in different ways and that during the lucid dream, there are different levels of control of sleep, therefore, a dreamer can have different degrees of control over their sleep.

People who manage to keep the conscience during a dream can manipulate their dream, you can modify the appearance, environment, fly or move at speeds unimaginable.


Techniques for lucid dreams

The most important step to get to anyone who wants to achieve lucid dreams (onironauta) is to remember their dreams because if you fail to recall your dreams then you'll also forget your lucid dreams. The next step is to learn to realize that we are in a dream, which is called a reality test. Any strange occurrence that we recognize in a dream which raises awareness and helps us to know that we are in a dream.

There are several ways to achieve this goal, one of them to keep a journal near the bed in which we record every time we wake up the experiences we have dreamed of, so we will be remembering more and more details of our dreaming life. Another technique is to try and get back into a previous dream.