Hypnosis Myths

1: Hypnosis Myth : I could get stuck in a trance forever

Maybe the trance is so pleasurable that you don't respond to the order to wake up, in this unusual case, what will happen is that you fall asleep for 30 mins or a couple of hours and wake up normally.


2: Hypnosis Myth : Self Hypnosis will only work on certain people

While each person responds to different stimuli and suggestions. About 10% of the population can reach a very deep trance, while another 5% cannot be hypnotized because of mental disability. It's very difficult to hypnotize children. Most adults can achieve a state of trance, some very deep while others are medium, and this is perfectly adequate for making positive changes. A study done by American Health Magazine on Psychoanalysis, Behavior Therapy, and Hypnosis as treatments for mental health issues reported the following results: Psychoanalysis = 38% recovery after 600 sessions, Behavior Therapy = 73% recovery after 22 sessions, Hypnosis = 93% after 6 sessions.


3: Hypnosis Myth : I'm too logical and dominant to get hypnotized

Contrary to the popular belief logical dominant men can be easily hypnotized. Some people like to think that they are in control of everything, and that no man could "put them under" or take control of their thoughts and decisions, but this is not the case. The hypnotist never takes over your thoughts, cannot force an order on you, cannot make anyone do anything against their will, the hypnotist only gives suggestions, and you may carry out these suggestions only if you are willing. Secondly normally people who are always in control, those that like to be independent and strong minded, usually fall into a deep trance quite quickly, especially if the hypnotist is using the confusion method. This technique will confuse and bore the left hemisphere of the brain and let the right-side take over, leading them into a trance.


4: Hypnosis Myth : Hypnosis is magic or occult

Most Hollywood movies and fiction books are seldom based upon fact. Hypnosis is actually a perfectly natural state of mind which most of us pass in and out of many times each day such as daydreaming. Hypnosis has nothing to do with the occult or magic power.


5: Hypnosis Myth : Hypnosis is Dangerous

Hypnosis is not dangerous because you are always allowed to agree or disagree with the hypnotists suggestions. The deep relaxation during a trance state is very healthy. Paul C. Joy has designed audio programs that help you to breathe correctly, which will be used later on in life, maybe during stressful situations.