What is the Clinton Method

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The Clinton Method is a novel approach to deep trance self-hypnosis. Instead of using one hypnotic induction method, Paul Clinton overloads the subconscious mind with multiple hypnotic methods to guide you into deeper realms of consciousness. Techniques have been blended into the voice and sounds using powerful techniques such as :


Induction Techniques

  • Overloading
  • Reinduction
  • Ericksonian
  • Mental Confusion
  • Mental Misdirectioning
  • Sound Effects
  • Indirect Suggestions
  • Multiple Sensorial Stimulation
  • Anchoring
  • Shamanic Rhythms
  • Isochronic Tones
  • Theta Binaural Brain Waves


What is the Clinton Method used for?

The guided meditation trance sessions have been compiled using highly advanced hypnotic techniques, to produce effects such as medium trance, meditating states, and powerful deep self-hypnosis. These deep trance effects are used for implanting messages into the subconscious mind such as weight loss, chess, stop smoking, or for stress, for making changes and progress in life. 


The Clinton Method is very successful

The main reason that these self-hypnosis audios have been devised this way is to help as many people as possible. I wanted to compose programs that would suit the needs of all types of people and their minds. We are all different, some of us are very logical, others are quite passive so I needed to include over 10 different hypnotic induction techniques into each audio to force the subconscious mind to sink into a deep trance. One hypnotic induction audio is just not enough. I have to deal with different personalities and traits such as dominant, curious, introvert, extrovert, creative, logical, determined, dependable, organized, assertive, passive, suspicious, nervous, relaxed, happy, depressed, shy, sociable, ambitious, pessimistic, sensitive, fearsome, controlling, and so on.


Vibrating sounds blended

into the sounds of nature?

There are two different types of brain waves blended into the sounds such as the ocean waves, the wind, the rivers and streams, and the music. The isochronic beats and the binaural brain waves are tuned into the wave of Theta to provoke certain brain stimulation ideal for hypnotic trance and self-hypnosis.


Hypnosis for Self Help Book

ebook by paul clinton

This complete book by Paul Clinton "Hypnosis for Self Help" is included as a digital ebook with every order free of charge. This successful book contains everything you need to know about the science of hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis, including the process of trance induction, how to use the affirmations, typical false myths, and amazing progress used by doctors and dentists worldwide.


What is the Shamanic Rhythm?

Composed with a Shaman rosewood drum. The cycles are produced using four beats/second (theta) After a few minutes the brain emulates the same frequency to produce the desired hypnotic effect. This is the typical traditional rhythm used for years to deepen the trance of the shaman. You may have seen how some african/american tribesmen often fall into a trance after listening to this type of drum beat.  


What are the Binaural Brainwave Vibrations?

chart comparing brainwaves

Blended into the background sounds of nature: ocean waves, running streams and rivers, and wind, the brain waves are generated using sine waves, played into each ear. The Isochronic Pulses use a difference of two beats, designed to produce Theta Brain Waves. The mix of brainwave vibrations, and powerful hypnosis produces deep powerful trance states. For example the audio tracks may have a 324 hz sine wave played into the left ear, while at the same time there is a sine wave of 331 hz playing in the right ear, so this gives us a difference of 7hz and the brain can capture and emulate this wave. When there is a greater difference such as 20hz this is going towards the alpha and beta state which is useful for creating alertness and energy, while the lower waves suchas 7hz (theta) is often used for meditation, self-hypnosis, dreamwork, and visualization.


Clients of Paul Clinton include celebrities:

Dani Minogue

Matt Damon
Sotogrande, Spain,

Lakshmi Mittal
Billionaire, Marbella

Paul Anka
Malaga, Spain

Diana Krall
Mijas, Spain

Barbara Mori
actress Malaga

Paul Allen
Malaga, Spain

Herbie Hancock
Malaga, Spain

Juan Baptista
actor Malaga

Corinne Hollingworth
BBC director Eldorado

Marbella, Spain,

Kate Moss

Dulce Pontes
Fuengirola, Spain

Aaron Hadlow
Kite-surf, Tarifa

Bill Kazmier
Strong man, Stoke

Leonid Kuchma
president of Ukraine, Marbella 6/12/1995

What people are saying about the Clinton Method

brown haired lady
Joan Davies

Dating Men

"Hi Mr.Clinton, thanks for taking away my shyness, and helping me to attract men. After about 6 months I've now found my special soul mate John, and this love is exciting, stimulating, passionate and powerful! thanks again, you've helped me so much"

man with a smile
Pete Moore  


Dating Women

"I consider myself more confident. I pick up girls with my charm. Self Hypnosis gave me more power, self esteem, pride, & cool tricks for conversation , and the best thing for me is that I have no limits, and if I see a nice lady, nothing will stop me from getting in there and starting a friendship, and more often a relationship."


serious man called dave
Dave Johnson  


Bodybuilding Motivation

"I won the UK NABBA . Self Hypnosis gave me more energy, power, reps, hormones, strength, size. The "Max-Out" session is the best thing I've tried for going to failure......the hormone release even gave me acne, and I've been off steroids and hgh for over 9 months"


music lover woman
Anne Gibbon


Public Speaking

"I used to be so shy, and I remember getting up in front of a congress, and was so obsessed with not making a mistake that I'd get butterflys in my stomach, I would be sweating, and shaking, and in the end the words just came out terrible. Now thanks to Paul, I love speaking in public, and I know by the feedback that I was impressive, dynamic, powerful, and interesting"


happy man
Tim Watson


Weight Loss

"At last I feel confident about my image, I'm now proud of my body after years of self hate. I lost over 16 pounds. This mp3 helped me to overcome my lack of control, especially with my old habit of binge eating and scoffing junk food, now my tastes have changed, and healthy food has become delicious, and anything sweet just seems disgusting."


woman who likes cooking
Mary Luois



"I had no time, no motivation, and always had something else to do, but after this course, I wake up each day with a smile knowing that I can play my piano with passion and creativity"

man named john
John D.



"Paul Clinton's method for treating impotence sounds strange, but it works, I'm happy, my wife too! Erectile dysfunction made my life hell, and the blue pills didn't work. Not too keen on the scary induction"


beautiful woman
Janet Coles



"I have lovely hair, my skin is soft and silky, but most of all I radiate my beauty because my inner mind has been programmed to automatically express my true beauty and I can feel it working. Thanks to Paul Clinton now I feel so much more attractive and I find it so easy to approach men."


chubby girl
Mandy Evans


Lose pounds of fat

"Now I actually love salads and veg because the Self Hypnosis helped me to enjoy healthy food, and avoid the bad stuff. Lol ! No more cakes!"



asian woman
Jean Worth




"My name is Jean Worth, I passed my biology exam, the hypnosis mp3s gave me a better memory, brain stimulation, more intelligence and motivation for study, but sometimes got jittery.....but very effective"



Kieth Tucson



"Powerful program, I increased my sales by 250%. I now have a new attitude with clients, sincere, confident, wise, convincing, charming, The power of persuasion is all about our image and the way we express ourselves"


Karen Smith


Forget Someone

"After 4 years together the break up was hard. A year later he was still on my mind. This self hypnosis pack changed my life, I don't even remember his name, so now I get on with my life and look forward to meeting new men, getting him off my mind gave me a new freedom"

man with beard
Lee Hunt



"I was stuck in a rut most of my life, always in debt, and hiding from people. I am so thankful for the sales tracks, cos now I know how to express myself, convincing, and confident, and give off the right signals to potential customers "

beautiful girl with crossed arms
Ava Fellows

Learn Spanish

"At last my boyfriend understands me, he lives in spain, and I learned spanish with the Course, and I'm quite proud because I was poor at french in school.........Hypnosis is a great tool for languages"


man carsten
Carsten Wholer


Anxiety and Stress

"I want to thank you so much for this. Your programs are a bit lengthy, but I suppose that's what makes them work. I suffered with anxiety, and I was also a bit stressed, and about once a month got some bad attacks. The best induction for me is the beach, I just listen to those waves and go so deep, into my special world"


funny man larry
Larry Humphreys


Charisma and Dating

"Hi, I always wanted to come across as a fun guy full of charm, but it was impossible, I just didn't have it. Friends used to say I was cold, boring, and mathematical. Now shove over Ben Stiller here I am. My wife says I 've become so funny, often hilarious, just with a look, no bull, I'm sure I can make people laugh with my eyes."


100% heterosexual

I am happy to pronounce that I have been in a loving relationship with my wife for almost 4 years thanks to Paul Clinton, and I have been totally faithful ever since I used his audio mp3s. I used to have sexual relationships with other men and I knew that this was not my true self, and so now I am totally heterosexual.

woman with long hair
Sandra Peters



"my husband and friends used to say that I had a lot of will for singing but the sounds didn't come out right, in other words they told me I sang like a cat. Now I'm very pleased with my voice, and after a few recordings I know that I reach the right tones. I also have a lot more time for practicing and karaoke"


lady wearing glasses
Jamila Kerr



"I didn't understand why that no matter how many jobs that I applied for I always seem to fail the interview and they always told me that they'd call me back. Now I know what I was doing wrong, and this couldn't be simply learned and corrected by using a book, I had to change the way my body was reacting and expressing the wrong message. Now I automatically give off an aura of proud, responsibility, maturity, confidence, and expertise, and this has helped me in many ways."


confident man
Dan Lopez

Shyness and Confidence

"God I was shy, I looked down, blushed, and lost my words! Not now though. Who's the life and soul of the party, full of bubbly outgoing self esteem, yes that's me Mr. Confidence! I definitely recommend the Clinton Hypnosis Program for overcoming shyness "




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