Questions about self-hypnosis

I'm afraid of birds, is this a Phobia?

When the fear becomes obsessive, or when your fear starts to control your daily life, and maybe stops you from passing by a certain tree or building then it is classes as a phobia which can be treated with self hypnosis. Irrational fears such fear of dogs, cats, birds, is a very common problem.

Can I use neuro linguistic programming for panic attacks? holistic?

Hypnotism is the best most relaxing solution for anxiety, stress, and panic.

I have a phobia with spiders, they stress me, I cannot bare to be near them?

This phobia is also called Aracnofobia and is quite common, and fairly easy to cure using self hypnosis. A phobia is a very common problem and there are actually thousands of different phobias ranging from fear of anesthetics to fear of zoo animals. With hypnosis we put you in visual contact with the phobia while having an imaginable protective screen.

Can I stop being gay using a self hypnosis Mp3?

A young man who has not yet fully aware of his real sexuality who makes love to both men and women may have some success in the 100% heterosexual recordings, but Homosexual Conversion will not work for everyone. If you have been bombarded with sexual associations for decades, and continuously connect the male image with desire,then the odds are against a successful conversion.

For gay pride and for coming out of the closet we have the following Mp3 pack.


What if I'm taking pills or medication?

If you have any questions about whether or not the self hypnosis CDs will help or conflict with a present medical condition, then it would be wise to consult a medical physician.


Do you think that I can use hypnotherapy for stress, for my nerves?

First of all, the 30 minutes of relaxing, listening to tranquil sound effects and beautiful music enriched with a soothing voice and numerous induction tricks is enough to help with your stress, and then the new messages for the subconscious mind reinforce the already relaxed state. You'll be aware of the correct way to breathe, and you will progressively learn how to relax manually, and also automatically by using a key word.

I get a lot of bad luck. Can hypnosis clean up my bad karma?

Self-hypnotism mental control can help to attract a positive karma. The Mp3s have been created for changing the negative thoughts and desires and replacing them with new positive thinking.

Is Hypnotism Spiritual?

Hypnosis is a science and has nothing to do with religion, mysticism, witchcraft, magic, or any of the occult. Although I have a collection of themes dedicated to religion such as "getting closer to God" and "become a better muslim"


Learning hypnosis is easy? Can I learn to hypnotize?

Hypnosis is an amazing wonderful science expanding and gaining reputation, helping millions by changing their way to think, and by improving, curing, transforming, forgetting, relaxing, and by taking away those negative thoughts. Hypnotism is powerful, and if not used correctly can make the situation worse or cause damage, and even for your own use, utmost care and study is a must.


What Is Self Improvement?

Self-improvement is the process of tapping into your own inner sources, becoming more aware and conscious of this power, and incorporating this knowledge into your daily life, stress free and tranquil.


What is the difference between clinical hypnotherapy, and self-hypnosis?

Different inductions, and methods, but the same idea, same results for basic problems like quitting smoking.

Is self hypnosis dangerous?

Not really dangerous, but can cause some stress if used by unqualified hypnotists. It's almost impossible to force an order some-one against their will. There is no documented case of anyone being hurt using self-hypnosis CDs, and can only be used in a positive way. Some unprofessional hypnotists or psychologists have been known to plant false memories into subjects by their own ignorance of the science, by pushing their own ideas into the persons mind instead of letting the client tell the story how it really was.


Can I learn hypnotism and hypnotize my wife to cook and clean better?

A possibility, but as long as your wife is willing. We have some recordings for better cooking to become a great chef, and we also have a recording (good wife) and not forgetting (good husband)


Why are your recordings so cheap compared to other similar sites?

This is my personal philosophy. For two years I gave them all away free, people were downloading as many as 300 per day, but now I have some costs (traffic, hosting, domain, marketing, Google. etc.) But the quality has not been effected, and the years of thought and experience is what makes my sessions so successful. There are still many free Mp3 downloads.

What does it feel like to be hypnotized?

It feels very nice and relaxing. Hypnotized is a natural state that feels similar to that feeling you get just before you fall asleep at night. When you awaken, you feel refreshed, and just feel as if you are relaxing in a very comfortable place with your eyes closed. You can hear everything. Your subconscious mind uses the same set of ears that your conscious mind hears with, otherwise the self-hypnosis CDs would be ineffective.

Can I achieve hypnotic mind control to build self esteem, and take away my shyness?

Here in this site you'll find a full array of downloads for building self esteem, confidence, self love, self worth, shyness etc.

Is this just alternative medicine?

Hypnosis is an excellent alternative to dubious medicines and for achieving great success with weight loss, Depression, and general healing, without the need for a clinic. In the UK one can find free hypnosis on the social security system. Hypnotized subjects use a trance induction and relaxation or NLP gentle persuasion by a therapist using hypnotic suggestions, and sometimes massage.

Can I learn how to hypnotize to obtain a hypnotherapy certification?

This depends on if you prefer to take a clinical hypnosis course or to start a study of conversational hypnosis treatment. It may be possible to take advanced hypnotherapy classes to learn hypnotherapy courses, and learn how to hypnotize people, whether at home, from a clinic, or by using your own recordings. A learning hypnosis school would be the perfect place to start. start by finding a good course and obtain a special diploma.

Which are the best hypnosis techniques for past life regression to search for a past life?

First of all lots and lots of practice with trance inductions, learning how to relax and breathe correctly. when you are able to reach a deep trance then the affirmations will help you to go back in time. Here you can purchase the audio download past life

Can I be hypnotized for my fear of flying?

We can plant a new message into your subconscious mind to relax while flying, and listen to a relaxing meditating online hypnosis Cd or hypnotic meditation