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Self Hypnosis FAQs

What is a hypnosis trance?
A light mild trance is similar to a day dream, while a medium trance feels like that moment just before going to sleep, or the time when you are deeply involved in a good movie, or doing some artwork. A deep trance can take away feelings of pain, produce somnambulism, the eyes tend to move similar to REM sleep or
lucid dreaming, and the subject becomes highly suggestible, and often has no recall (depending on the hypnotist instructions)

Does the hypnotist control me?
Nobody under a trance can be induced to do anything against his or her will. In your normal waking state you have moral and ethical values, which will remain even under a deep trance.

What kind of people can reach a deep trance?
About 10% of the population can become deeply hypnotized. But a light/medium trance is also perfectly adequate for working with problems, cures, habits, phobias, and improved performance, bodybuilding, and with quit smoking, and for weight-loss, etc.

What does a hypnotic trance feel like?
Many of us can experience a "trance-like" state while listening to a pastor at church, listening to some good music, or reading a gripping novel, or even watching TV! Here are some of the most typical feelings one may experience when in a self-hypnosis hypnotic state: The eye lids may start to flutter, a general feeling of drowsiness, very relaxed, hypnotic feeling, the eyelids may seem heavier, the jaws muscles become relaxed, with the teeth unclenched, and maybe a dry mouth, some twitching or jerking of the muscles, a sense of well being, some may experience a strong urge to laugh or cry while under hypnosis, and feel warmer or even colder, with tingling or numbness in the limbs, unable to open the eyes, a sense of liberty, no sense of time or date, having less body-weight and feeling lighter, or even floating, lucid visions, lack of pain, euphoria, happy, tranquil and content.

Hypnosis feels very nice and relaxing, a natural state that feels similar to that feeling you get just before you fall asleep at night. When you awaken, you feel refreshed, and just feel as if you are relaxing in a very comfortable place with your eyes closed. You can hear everything. Your subconscious mind uses the same set of ears as your conscious mind.

Can I be hypnotized in one session?
Everyone can be hypnotized but one has to be willing to do it. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis, which means if you want to do it, you will. The very small minority of people who have difficulty in a session are usually those who don't really want to be hypnotized (perhaps to debunk the idea); or can't relax and let go enough (perhaps fearing loss of control, which we know is a myth, or fearing the unknown) to go with the experience. Some things you can do to increase your ability to go into a trance easier and faster are practicing meditation, visualization, yoga or relaxation techniques.


Are the self-hypnosis results fast?
There are too many factors at work here, and also depends on your motivation level and commitment. Certain professional hypnotherapists can help to stop a phobia using suggestion, psychotherapy and subliminal messages. Some use reflexology and others acupuncture, or other self help alternative medicine. Shy and timid persons have been known to use hypnotherapy for self confidence. There are various types of hypnotherapy in the form of Mp3 or CDs such as insomnia that can be downloaded and played at home with a CD or an Mp3 player.


Jinny KendrickWhat happens if I stay in the hypnosis trance? Can I get stuck in there?
Hypnosis is a very natural and normal state and cannot hold anyone against his or her will. If a subject decided to stay in a deep trance and ignore the words of the hypnotist, then about 30 mins later would fall into a normal usual sleep and wake up. During a session, if there were an emergency, they could easily awaken themselves at any time at will.

Tam RobertsCan I wake up when I want?
At any time you want to emerge from the state of trance, for any reason, you will instantly, naturally open your eyes and become fully alert. No one can force you to stay in a hypnosis trance against your will. While people suffering from insomnia would prefer to stay in the trance the whole night long.

photo of gary brentWill I lose my memory using hypnosis?
Most people remember everything after hypnosis but that also depends on the depth of the trance, and also the particular commands of the hypnotist. (A hypnotherapist may suggest, that you will forget everything about your ex-partner, or at least to produce only vague memories that have no importance)

Lisa StanselAre stage hypnotists fake?
Anyone who volunteers with hypnosis is agreeing to play the part, whether they consciously admit it or not. Sometimes hypnotism can be an excuse to let your hair down and do silly things. Some hypnotists are fake, and have friends planted as volunteers in the audience, while other hypnotists are genuine, but still make a circus out of a very valuable science. Most of the bad rumors and myths about hypnotherapy come about from unscrupulous stage hypnotists that provoke bad press, and false tales.

Ruth NicksonIs hypnosis dangerous?
Generally hypnosis is harmless, and quite safe. One can never get stuck in a trance state, we usually respond to the "waking up script" and with a very case of a non-response, then we simply sleep it off for an hour or two and awaken normally. Certain problems can arise when an unqualified therapist uses a bad unprofessional script. e.g.. It's important that the affirmations are used in a positive manner or the result would be exactly the opposite of our goals. The subconscious mind cannot interpret negative words such as "no" and "not". Another problem area could be with hypnosis regression therapy, where an uneducated therapist could bring back unwanted memories or even provoke false or invented memories, that could lead to false accusations etc. It is a complex and sensitive procedure and must be studied and carefully planned by top hypnosis professionals.

GerryWhat is self-hypnosis?
Hypnosis is a physical condition in which most people that are induced into a hypnotic trance or hypnotized can have different and variable thoughts and actions. Some people are very susceptible to hypnotic suggestion and can reach an altered state of consciousness. It is a very normal and natural altered state of consciousness (an altered state of awareness), one we all experience from time to time in which the mind remains clear, alert and focused on something. Have you ever "become really absorbed" while watching TV? Or driven to work on "auto pilot?" That's the same kind of altered state as hypnosis. A misconception about hypnosis is that it's a frightening but it's actually very normal and very pleasant. Some people ask if they've really been hypnotized, just because it feels like such a normal state and they were expecting. Unlike meditation the mind is wide awake and full of thoughts, and unlike subliminal hypnosis, where the subject is unaware of the hypnosis suggestions.

Tom HaitesHow deep can I go using hypnosis?
The depth of the hypnotic state varies for each individual. About 10% of the population can reach a very deep somnambulist state, and even become avoid of pain, and the rest of us can reach a medium trance, that deepens with practice. But anyway a deep trance is not necessary for most positive self-hypnosis affirmations.

SandraDo many people use self-hypnosis or prefer one to one sessions?
More people should start using self-hypnosis, but many are wary, and some think that self-hypnosis appears too simple, and they think it's too easy and to good to be true. So they stop, thinking either it doesn't work or they're not doing it right. The big advantage of listening to audios at home is the price and the convenience. Many people feel much more comfortable at home alone, laying on a sofa with headphones and getting carried away on the journey.

David HoweHow can I meditate with my eyes open using the meditation Mp3?
It is possible..... the hypnotic Mp3 can help to take away your mind's thoughts, help to relax you, and achieve a meditative state. Meditation is also excellent for relieving stress, and for minimizing negative thinking.

Molly SmithHow do hypnotists put people into a trance?
There are too many hypnotic induction techniques to mention, with over a thousand tricks and methods. I have designed numerous self-hypnosis CDs that combine many of the traditional induction programs but also using many extra tricks such as shamanic drum rhythms, sound effects, isochronic pulses, binaural beats and progressive hypnotic suggestion script, the tone of voice is important, the words (always in the positive mode) and sometimes a story or fairy tale journey with special sound effects to help relax the mind, while plugging in subliminal suggestions. those who enjoy meditation prefer a quiet room without any sounds, or just plain rhythmic music or drumming.

john dunnWhat about self hypnosis for slimming?

Weight loss is much easier and more efficient using this hypnosis program ready for download. There is plenty of information about weight-loss in the following pages. Then you can decide if you wish to start a course or a program of hypnosis for slimming, and control your hunger, increase your metabolism, and have a better appetite for healthy foods. We offer a very cheap Mp3 programs for losing weight and to producing a strong urge to exercise, to eat healthy This is an amazing slimming package for hunger control, and hormone release, with the added advantage of producing an extra desire and appetite for certain foods and nutrients that are known to produce oxyntomodulin, reduce levels of ghrelin and leptin.

Oxyntomodulin is a hormone found in the stomach that greatly reduces appetite. Ghrelin increases the appetite, and leptin is associated with appetite and desire. High protein meals have been shown to reduce ghrelin levels, while fatty foods have a slow effect on ghrelin levels. Fructose, although has a low glycemic index is also very bad for our ghrelin levels, even worse than pure glucose. Omega 3 fatty acids from fish are the best way to lower leptin levels, as well as consuming more frequent meals, and a healthier diet.

bodybuilding muscleI am a pro- bodybuilder and need motivation for better workouts?

In this site: an amazing hypnosis pack for bodybuilding, power lifting, and strongmen. The new "Max-out" session has been designed to achieve a full complete workout, going to max at the end of a set and using up every muscle fiber to it's limits. This session is so powerful that great care must be taken and only for highly advanced weight lifters. The hypnosis pack is so complete that it includes bodybuilding for nutrition, growth hormone and testosterone release, weight-loss, energy, power, motivation, pre workout, recovery, muscle cell growth, increased appetite for bulking, nutrition, bench press visualization, key anchor-word for loading extra power, and capillary growth.

bodybuilding hypnosisIs there a natural bodybuilding program?

Sports hypnosis for bodybuilding champions can help an athlete to break through pain barriers, greater muscle growth, muscle mass and strength, and bodybuilding can also be helped by the release of hormones such as testosterone and Hgh growth hormone (the pituitary gland cab be reprogrammed with hypnosis to a bodybuilding advantage, and for those depressing dull days when athletes and bodybuilding trainers feel tired and just prefer to lay on the sofa and watch television then a motivation session is the perfect solution for a bodybuilder, an excellent technique for perfectionizing a body builders diet for muscle gains.

Feminization Self Hypnosis
I want to know if there is a program to become more feminine and lady-like?

The hypnosis programs are also a successful way to help transgenders using feminization hypnosis, and others to change their gestures, voice, body language, and general femininity using feminization. Hypnosis is very popular due to the fact that it is the only real way to reprogram the mind to act and experience true feminization, male to female talk, walk, think and be a full feminine lady. Self Feminization Hypnosis can force messages deep into the subconscious mind, making for extra confidence and self esteem, feminized with a full gender transformation. The feminization Mp3s can be downloaded from this site.

Is feminization hypnosis reversible?
Yes, the feminization hypnosis process is reversible but it is a slow process, all those female expressions and gestures have to transformed again. Hypnosis is a powerful tool, so it's better to make sure of the new changes.

Lewis TrendsI need mental control, and get a better memory, does it work?
Memory recall is quite successful using hypnotic techniques to open the gateway to the vast memory of the subconscious mind and tap into that dormant brain power. There are many tricks for better study such as Mental bridging, Imagery Associations, Motivation for Study, Brain food desires, and increased intelligence.

Danny BCan I stop being gay using a self hypnosis Mp3?
This particular audio "
100% Hetero" has been quite dilemic, but after numerous studies has been show to be effective and successful in some homosexuals and especially bisexuals, but depending on the depth of hypnotic trance, and depending on the particular grade of homosexuality. A homosexual man with 50 years of same sex relationships will have associated male images, smells and gestures so profoundly embedded in his subconscious mind that it would be too much hard work, and almost impossible to make any type of conversion.

We are also have a set of audios for men who enjoy cross dressing for coming out or dating men or women. We have a complete specially designed Mp3 pack for homosexuals, hypnosis gay men who wish to come out of the closet and feel proud of their gay sexuality. Many gay men need more self esteem and confidence, especially when confronted with a direct association towards their sexuality, and also for gays, and meeting new friends, and takes the stress out of it.

Mildred FCan't seem to get to sleep, I suffer from insomnia, Hypnosis works?
Insomnia is a common problem, and lack of sleep is very stressful in itself. A hypnosis treatment for
insomnia can be found in this site. Chronic insomnia is often associated with stress and worries. Self-hypnosis can cure insomnia by relaxing the mind and by placing special anchor words. Treating the lack of sleep with this natural remedy is probably the most efficient method.


wad of cashI need some type of Wealth Creation CD

This special complete prosperity pack contains many instructions such as the road map for achieving your particular goals, whether it be by passing an interview, attracting new clients, marketing, sales, selling your house, or even by boosting your positive karma. The affirmations for attracting prosperity and wealth creation are very effective. The Mp3 has been designed to attract prosperity and abundance by using the power of creative positive visualization and repetitive key positive phrases.



SamCan hypnosis help me to get rich, and how?
Wealth creation can be very effective. To attract and create wealth and abundance, we can listen to various positive wealth and prosperity attracting affirmations, e.g.. "attract money now", and tap into the secret law of attraction for good luck with wealth. Prosperity can be achieved by positive visualization, and so by thinking about your wealth and prosperity as if it is yours right now will attract this desire to be rich and wealthy. Learn how to achieve a better employment with the
job interview preparation program with hours of free programs for the unemployed e.g.. learning Spanish, speed reading, speed typing. etc.

LarryI have a wedding speech soon, public speaking makes me nervous?
In this site you will find many hypnosis sessions for public speaking which include raising self-esteem, confidence, political speeches, socializing, dating, talking to women, making friends, etc. Hypnotherapy for public speaking is very common and can be combined with anxiety counseling, confidence, and mental self-hypnosis.

stop smoking

Is the download to quit smoking using hypnosis a safe way to quit?

The self-hypnosis for smoking combine with an expert hypnotherapist smoking cessation to stop the nicotine addiction and the usual typical withdrawal symptoms, and by taking away the stress of giving up.


How long would it take using hypnotherapy to stop smoking?

Typical hypnotism smoking cessation takes away most of the drama within a few hours, and gradually the subject begins to feel healthy and free of their habit. ..... The following weeks and months can be topped up with extra psychological sessions.

The damage caused by smoking is reversible?

Given enough time but also depends on the number of cigarettes smoked, and whether the cigarette has a filter, or how the tobacco has been prepared, smoking reduces life expectancy by eight years. With hypnotism stop smoking can make the difficult withdrawal procedure much more smooth and efficient. Smoking affects how long you live. The people who die every day as a result of smoking, many are comparatively young smokers. Enough reason use the stop smoking hypnosis .Non-smokers and ex-smokers can also look forward to a healthier old age than smokers. Giving up smoking is easy with self-hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Hardening of the arteries is a process that develops over years, after smoking, when cholesterol and other fats deposit in the arteries, leaving them narrow, blocked or rigid. When the arteries narrow blood clots are likely to form, quit smoking hypnotherapy is the best way to get your lungs clean again.

Bill LigarCan I learn to hypnotize women?

Seduction or seducing women is a fine art. Improve your own image, and attract women. The Mp3 can help in a variety of ways. Gestures subliminal, walk, posture, speech, etc. to attract hot girls and beautiful babes. Dating can be significantly improved using flirting tips to attract women with this amazing seduction Mp3.